Monday, February 25, 2013

Pie-eyed Snowmen

I quilted the second of my jelly roll strip quilts that I made on retreat in October. This was not an actual jelly roll, just random fabric that I had bits and pieces of which I cut into 2.5 inch strips. As you can see, the fabric is quite old, "primitive" in fact, but still useful.  I had an Anne Bright panto called "Snowman Kit" that I have wanted to use. When I laid it out, it had more elements than I really wanted. I wasn't crazy about the boots and carrot nose and the snowmen only had one arm!

So here's what I did.  I had bought the Creative Grid from Colorado Quilting Company when I got my Sunshine and basically all I used it for was to hold down my panto. DUH!!! This time I laid out the panto, used the wet erase marker to draw out the elements I wanted, tweaked it here and there and Ta da! Pie-eyed Snowman. They look as if they have been hitting the sauce for a while and ran all over my quilt. 

I used a brown Omni thread in the top and bottom which looks orange or red in this picture.
This is only my 5th or 6th quilt with my HQ and I always learn something to remember for the next time. This week's lesson is to make sure I put the backing on the right way! As you can see, I ran out of backing before I ran out of quilt.! OOOPS! Luckily, it's a jelly roll strip quilt so I just stopped quilting when I ran out of backing. It's a little shorter than when I started but it still looks good.

 I started sewing down the binding while watching the Oscars and will post a finished photo in a few days.  Hope you had a productive weekend!


Anonymous said...

That's really cute quilting. Waiting to see the finished quilt with the binding.

Debra Spincic said...

Those jelly roll (or faux jelly roll) quilts are such a good way to use old stash. This one turned out cute!

Kay said...

That's a wonderful panto, and the whole quilt turned out really well.

AnnieO said...

Very clever re-draw of the snowmen. I do love those pieces and parts :) Good thing you are easy going on the finishing part and had no trouble sacrificing a bit of the quilt! Finishes always feel good.

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