Monday, March 04, 2013

A Finish and future plans

Here is the finished and in use Pie-eyed Snowmen quilt.  I had premade my binding for this and when I started to sew it on, I realized it was too short, hence, the green and red binding.  Hey, its done!

This is my PP top from the October retreat. (Boy, I sure do get lots done on retreat!) I want to work on something a bit smaller before I jump back into a big quilt. There are a couple of fillers that I have seen in Machine Quilters magazine and on Leah Day's website I want to experiment with so this has been squared up and will be loaded on the frame to work on for Wednesday. I have the PERFECT backing for this which has been sleeping in my stash for about 5 years if not longer. See, having a stash IS a good thing!


I also watched some basketball this weekend so more string blocks were made.  This project is losing its fun factor but I only have 16 squares left and I am determined to finish them up and dump any remaining ugly strings in the trash. Some of them are soooo old and I am sooo sick of them! Why do the ugly ones reproduce in the drawer??

Anyway, I think I told you about the bag o' quilt tops I found in my closet that need borders. Yes, a bag of tops! This is one of them.  I made this on retreat and since my fairy god daughter's birthday is coming up, I thought I would finish it for her.  She is turning 11 at the end of March. I think this will be a hit.   I am going to add a thin scrappy border and then I have a stripe that was part of the flower fabric which is long enough to be the outer border. Sewww, gotta get moving on this.

I am now turning the pages of a new book.  I finally finished Great Expectations. A weighty tome indeed but very enjoyable.  I have Les Miserables next up on the classics list but need to "cleanse the palette" with something a little lighter first. This one is called "Life from Scratch" by Melissa Ford.  I picked it up through Book Bub for free. She is divorced and learning to cook and has a blog and loves her blog friends. It is cute and easy to read.

We headed to a local winery for a tasting on Sunday, bought a couple of bottles and proceeded to open one at home so there was very little sewing done yesterday. I stuck to my rule of "mindless sewing only" when wine has been decanted. :)

Have a great week! Stop back on Thursday for the midweek progress!


Debra Spincic said...

The daisy quilt will surely delight your god daughter! It's a bright fun piece.

I hear you on the string blocks. Last summer I used up a bunch of miscellaneous pieces on 100 crazy patch blocks. By the end I was a nutcase.

Anonymous said...

The quilt for your fairy god daughter is going to be a real treat for her.

Melanie said...

Great progress... Love your philosophy-- everyone needs occasional easy books and easy sewing. Have fun.

Kay said...

The quilt with the red trees is lovely! Both the design and the colors are favorites of mine.

Good luck on Les Miserables. I found that quite a slog. There are whole sections where he seems basically to rant on whatever topic raises his blood pressure. Still, it's something worth reading.

Chris said...

Well! That flower quilt is an 11-year-old's dream come true! I also love the tree quilt, quilting it should be fun. Keep me posted about Les Mis, I still don't have the courage to start it.

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