Thursday, May 30, 2013

Latest finish and a preview

I am taking this one with me to Florida for Cayden who is now ON THE MOVE. Just started walking!
Not sure why the pictures are so pinky! I was shooting really quickly.  This was made with bright orange and blue Kona cottons and novelty 5.5 squares.

I had a great time quilting this one. I got to practice several of Leah Day's fillers from her 365 days of quilting designs.  I tried to keep it modern and graphic. 

 I haven't done much sewing and one of the reasons was my 20 year old Janome was in the shop.  I have wound soooo many bobbins on her that the clutch was gone and had to be replaced.  I also cracked the bobbin casing somehow and so she needed some TLC time with my man, Warren.  He told me she is as good as new and ready for another 20 years. Yeah!

A couple of Fridays ago, I spent a day of sewing with some quilting friends. I made a big dent in my Fabric Fling project that I started on retreat. This is the perfect project for an Open Sew. No thinking, just sewing strips together.  I have half of the strip block sets together. They are now pressed and squared up. I also pulled out another UFO/WIP which is my Winter Wonderland. I am still working on the "blue"work blocks.  A friend had her top completed on Friday. It is gorgeous and compelled me to pull it out for some attention.  I still have three BIG redwork blocks to complete but each stitch is a stitch closer to done!

I am also working on my guild's challenge quilt. Don't know if it will get done by the deadline but it will get done. Here's a preview of what it looks like on my design wall right now.  The challenge was to use an "ugly" fabric which was given to us.
 The ugly fabric will be used in a very limited way but will meet the challenge.  This is going to be fused raw edge applique with lots of thread painting.  It will be a nice sized wall hanging. wow these pics stink but you get the idea.!!

Headed to Florida Thursday evening for an extended weekend.  Then my sissy from Florida turns around on the following Friday to come to CT for a graduation party in Mass. Our little brother's triplets are graduating from high school. So a family reunion of sorts will take place. Things should settle down after that and hopefully sewing will resume at a quicker pace than the proverbial "snails' pace"! Happy stitching!


Debra Spincic said...

Great looking bricks quilt! and the pink flowers Do Not Stink!

Kay said...

Ditto on the bricks quilt. That's a great way to incorporate the novelty fabrics. Have a wonderful trip!

Libby said...

Have a great time in Florida - hope you get lots of warmth and sunshine *s*