Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dirty Laundry

Don't know if you have run across this post from Crafty Garden Mom from a year ago with her 7 dirty quilting secrets but it has resurfaced as funny blog posts often do and it is hilarious!!!  When I was reading it, it was as if  she had read my mind.  But I would like to add a couple of  my own secrets to the "dirty laundry list of quilting"

I  am a lazy quilter.  It's true, I will look at a quilt pattern and if it requires anything with  7/8's or 8ths of any kind, I round up.  I am not known for my 1/4 inch perfection in any quilting circle so   I figure the extra 1/8 of an inch will "come out in the wash" as they say.  In addition, if it requires y-seams, templates, any type of precision or pieces smaller than an inch and a half, I'm OUT.  I will claim that it is because my quilting time is so little and precious to me but really I am a BIG FAT LAZY QUILTER.

I like to "pretend" shop for fabric.  I get numerous emails from websites like Equilter, (heart u!) with notices of special sales, etc.  On any given evening,  I can be found sitting with my ipad watching TV with hubby and loading up my cart with luscious amounts of fabric and then...  I close my browser and go to bed.  It doesn't always work but a lot of the time, the fun of choosing the fabric and thinking about the gorgeous quilt I could create is enough to keep me happy and out of trouble.

What about you?? Do you have a secret you'd like to share??


julieQ said...

I loved this post!! My secret...shhh, don't tell! I can't put colors together for I make everything scrappy instead!

Annette J said...

I wouldn't even call myself a quilter, not even an art quilter. I play. I rarely measure, If it goes wrong and I don't like it it goes either into the bin or I cut it up and recycle. Books I am an avid reader, I skim, I pick bits, I forget I've got the book and buy it again!! They get put on the shelf until I am ready and I don't feel guilty. Luv Axx

Kay said...

Oh, the pretend shopper is me, for sure. Also the planner with Quilt Pro on the computer. But I'm not sure those are guilts. Couldn't we think of them as practice? ;-)

Debra Spincic said...

"I sometimes get cranky when I visit other blogs and they're churning out quilt after quilt after quilt and writing a "secret" book they can't tell you about, and guest posting on 6 different other blogs that week, each with a different project, and they're hosting a new quilt along, and they're getting happy mail from yet another fabric company, and and and......"

Well, I am churning out the quilts but no one has knocked on my door offering me anything.

Not that I have an attitude about it. (*wink*)

laura west kong said...

I have a few secrets:

I love old scrappy quilts that don't quite match perfectly or they ran out of one fabric so they just started in with a slightly different one. So if my quilt is looking too matchy-matchy I will often switch out some fabrics for ones that clash just a little.

I also like to be surprised by the way my quilts turn out so I can't plan them out too completely or I won't have any motivation to finish them.

AnnieO said...

That post made me laugh too! Thanks for sharing your confessions, lol. Frankly, I am not a perfectionist and totally belong to the "Goodenough" school of thought. I have been known to rip out really bad puckers and toe catchers in my machine quilting, but I don't really worry too much about the unevenness of it--by the time the quilt is washed and wrapped around someone, stitch regulation is the last thing on their minds!

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