Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pics from Jacksonville

FYI!!! This is not a quilty post. I don't post family pics too often so thanks for your indulgence! 

Well, I am  back from my trip to Jacksonville.  It was great to get away to some nice warm weather, to visit with my sister, to get reacquainted with my great niece, Bella, and to  meet my great nephew, Cayden.

Bella knows me as Auntie Ann and I have sent her a couple of quilts. She was excited for my arrival as we had a "Girl's Day" planned.  She absolutely loves Jacksonville Zoo so after some lunch and some Toys R Us birthday shopping we headed to the zoo. FYI (Bella picked out a Mermaid Barbie which when you pull on her mermaid tail it comes off and turns into a surfboard which she can ride. Her hair turns pink when it gets wet and she had a tattoo on her belly!  Oh, Barbie, how far you have fallen!!!)

We had loads of fun riding the Merry-go-round and visiting with the bird the monkeys and the giraffes.
This pink elephant was a "must have" from the gift shop and she carted that thing around all day.  I love this pic of Bella and her nana!

Here she is at the end of the day! 

And here we are after her "power nap". She got her second wind pretty quiickly. I was pretty tuckered out after our big day!

Saturday was the Big Birthday Party. Bella turned 4 and this year was a cowgirl theme which included horses and a petting zoo.  Here's her little brother, Cayden, who just turned 8 weeks old. His mom had him dressed as a little buckaroo as well.
Bella has already been taking horseback riding lessons with my sister who is a horse lover. She looked right at home on this big horse.

Here is a picture of my sissy, Kathy!  We headed to Epcot after the birthday party for some BIG GIRL R&R. This was taken in "Japan" where we had awesome sushi for lunch.

Our time together went by tooo quickly.  I hope to get down there again really soon.

Back to quiltiness in my next post.  My next Ava adventure is going to be quilting with a panto and the laser. We'll see how that goes! LOL!


AnnieO said...

Family time is the best! That little girl is such a cutie. Hope her little brother will be able to keep up with her. Barbie has fallen a bit, right?

quilt32 said...

Beautiful children and I love how their energy is renewed so quickly.

Joanne said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. The kids are sooooooo cute. Don't ya just want to squeeze them to pieces?! You did a great job on Cayden's quilt too. (I like using busy backs too!)

QuiltSwissy said...

What a fun trip! I love Disney and Epcot! Maybe next year.

I also think Cayden's quilt is fabulous. I am doing a bunch of baby quilts for daughter's friends' showers. They are fun because they are quicker than larger quilts.


Sandy said...

What a fun visit. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

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