Saturday, June 09, 2012

Cayden's first quilt

I am on a roll with Ava! She and I worked all day Memorial Day on Cayden's quilt. He was born April Fool's Day and I got to meet him this weekend in Jacksonville, FL. He's such a serious little old man! LOL! So very different from his sister who came out of the womb smiling.

 With each quilt I load, I am trying to use a new technique or skill. On Cayden's quilt, I used the ruler base for the first time and stitched in the ditch on all of the blocks and around the outer little border (which was harder than I thought it would be but I'm pretty happy with the result) and I worked on some free motion stuff in the blocks.  My brain was exhausted by the time I got to the border ( and I was running out of time) so I just did a swirly doodly meander ( that's the name of it, really!). Not as happy with that but it is done and it's for a baby.  I was brave and used red thread in the bobbin as well as the top because I didn't want the light thread to show through to the front if my tension was a little off and the backing I used was pieced from what I had, which was very light so of course, you can see EVERY mistake. I guess that stuff about a "busy" back is true.  BOY, there is a lot to think about with this long arm stuff!! ah, like what is the needle up/down button and what is the start/stop button and touching the right one at the right time!  a few of the goofs on this one is because I mixed them up.

Seww, here is a picture. It looks wavy but that's because it is draped over the poles of Ava.   

I also made these little bibs for Cayden.

And since I was attending Bella's 4th birthday party (It was a cowgirl party with ponies!!), I made her a Happy Birthday pillowcase and one with horses on it.  I will be sending her a pillowcase every month for a year.  She loves to get mail.

Will be back next week with pictures of the cutest kids in Jacksonville next week!  Have a quilty weekend!


quilt32 said...

Everything is so cute - love those bibs. Can't wait to see the correspondingly cute kids.

Debra Spincic said...

I know, just throw that quilt top on the frame and quilt. Anyone can do it, right?

There is definitely a learning curve.

AnnieO said...

Great job! I like the quilting and the setting of the blocks. I'm sure the little one will treasure it, no matter what mistakes you think are showing! Darling little bibs too.

ali said...

I just love this quilt pattern--very cool!

Melanie said...

No quilt is perfect..I just love it. I remember thinking back at my Gramma's quilts. To me they were perfect. As an adult I look at them -- see the flaws--- but still think they're perfect....