Thursday, February 02, 2012

Scraps managed

As you can see,I have won the battle of the scraps. My basket is empty and now holds all my civil war repro fabric which I hope to whittle down as I make my Barbara Brackman blocks. My goal is to make 5 blocks in February. And speaking of goals, I've made a list of goals for February. I don't know if they will all get done but I hope by writing them down there will be some accountability.
Sewww, here we go!

1. Make 5 civil war blocks;
2. Make sampler block (yep, I joined another block of the month);
3. Finish happy villages wall hanging (which has been "hanging" around for about 4 years);
4. Quilt the turquoise log cabin quilt (it is loaded on the frame which is 1/2 the battle);
5. Cut and sew mastectomy pillows (my guild's ongoing community project);
6. Cut pieces for 2 projects to take with me on my April retreat. I want to bring 4 projects to piece on that weekend. I have picked a top from "stack the deck" and one from M'liss Rae Hawley fat quarter quilts called roman stripes.

I know it is an ambitious list but February has an extra day so I should be ok. LOL

Although I was away for six months on a blogging sabbatical, I did finish a few things. This is a Round Robin I did with a few gals in my guild. It doesn't have a name yet (hence no label) but it is hanging in my sewing room. Any suggestions for a name would be welcomed.


YankeeQuilter said...

Welcome back! That is an ambitious list but hey, go for it! Beautiful wallhaning...

Finn said...

Hey Annie, welcome back yourself, I'm sorry that I've been so absorbed in my own situation I didn't know. Please forgive me *VBS*
Delighted to see your new post! What an ambitious list but I dig the "accountability" remark. I'll give some thought to that and may join you.
Love the wallhanging, I've yet to hang anything in the new digs. A bit envious of that EMPTY basket!! Darn! Big hugs, Finn

Sandy said...

It's good that you are blogging again. Those goals are doable. I can't imagine not having scraps! Thanks for commenting on my blog.

quilt32 said...

Isn't an empty basket a great sight? Even if it's temporary and you would need a bushel basket or bigger for all the projects you have lined up.
Lillian @

AnnieO said...

Good goals, some can be knocked out in a few hours, others, maybe a few days, lol!

Your round robin is intricately beautiful. The gold sashing reminds me of cloisonne.

Libby said...

Good on ya for the goalmaking. My New Year Resolution wasn't really a resolution but a promise to myself to set achievable goals each month . . . . so far - so good. It's seeing the success that keeps it going *s*

Cheryl Flatt said...

Great job on emptying your scrap basket! See your work makes me miss my quilting...something I didn't bring when we moved to PR.

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