Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mid-month report

Hope everyone got something special from someone special today!
My hubby gave me a lovely card and made a fabulous dinner.

OK , now down to business. Since making my "get it dun" list , I have completed 3 civil war blocks and hope to have the other two finished on Friday. The Indiana Puzzle was a bear and I may remake it. Thankfully,Lillian's (of Lillian's Cupboard) instructions are still available.

I also finished my first sampler block. I love the Jinny Beyer fabric and will add borders before the end of the month as well as get block 2 finished.

The turquoise log cabin is still on the frame but I have the panto ready to go and did a few test runs without thread on Sunday to get a feel for it.
On Friday, I'll be getting together with some quilting friends and hope to get the two projects cut and ready for my retreat in April. Finally, the mastectomy pillows are done,stuffed and delivered. Looks like I may just finish my February list!!


Libby said...

Good job . . . . look at you go. I need some of your 'gitter dun' inspiration to rub off on me *s*

quilt32 said...

I like your "git it dun" list and any husband who gifts his wife with a pretty card and a nice dinner is a keeper.
Lillian @ lillianscupboard.wordpress.com

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