Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hump Day Giveaway - Birdies

Well ,Wednesday is over!! I thought since this was the middle of the week, also known as HUMP DAY for many of us, it would be nice to offer a giveaway. I tried to post this morning but no matter how sweetly I talked to Blogger -NO LUCK! Bad Blogger!!

Seww, here it is Wednesday evening and finally Blogger seems to be ready to work. I guess it will be a Thursday giveaway! I have been cleaning and sorting in my sewing room and have a pile of things to offer~ Sewww, since it is spring and the birdies are returning and nesting and hatching eggs, I thought I would offer these two patterns.

GOLDFINCH is an applique pattern. And for you CW Repro gals, I have ROSIE FINCH. I have made both of these little quilts so thought someone else might like them.

Leave me a comment and be sure I can reach you by email for your addy. I will pick a winner Friday morning and put these little birds into the mail!

And speaking of birds, I spent part of last night prepping my patterns to make these little cuties. Nellie Durand of Nellie's Needles has generously posted the pattern and instructions for any one who is interested! I have a shelf with birdhouses on it and these little birdies will be a welcome addition. I hope to have a few birdies sewn and ready for stuffing and beading so I can take them on the road with me this weekend. Thanks, Nellie! You are super!

In other quilting news...., I finished the 4 patches, there were only 70 not 7 million! :)
I will be sewing those together tonight which will complete clue #3 of the mystery quilt and I will be up to date! Yea!! I think the 4 patches are for borders. This has been a really fun quilt to put together. I also hope to get my binding made and ready for my summer quilt.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday!!


Salar said...
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Lynne in Hawaii said...

Lots of birdies! So cute!
My e-mail is: Thanks for the HUMP DAY giveaway!

Chocolate Cat said...

Love the little 'Goldfinch' pattern. How generous you are to share the patterns.

Ivory Spring said...


I just stumbled across your website. Since I am new in blogland, I am excited to find some other interesting quilting blogs. I am a quilter myself. I look forward to coming to visit your blog again.

Thanks for offering the giveaway!
My email address is w_shepp AT

Nellie's Needles said...

Can't wait to see your birds.

Kathie said...

great bird patterns! and thanks for the link to the tutorial for making birds!

Screen Door said...

Enter me -- I love birds!!!

The Calico Cat said...

Can I place my order for a birdie? (The unofficial baby room sub-theme.) I have a different pattern - we could swap!

sbonetsue said...

I have lots of scraps of cival war fabrics that are just begging to be used so the Rosie Finch pattern would be perfect for me. Please throw my name in the hat!
(sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Kay said...

Nellie's birds are so great! I admired them, but am not going to make them, so I will be glad to see yours.

julieQ said...

Thank you for the link to the birds! Love them...