Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy belated Mom's Day

I hope all the moms out there had a great Mother's Day! I had a super Mother's Day weekend. Bob and I went to New Jersey to visit with friends that we had not seen since September when we all spent the week at Cape May. Mother's Day was the only weekend we were all available so off we went. We took our bikes and got to do some bike riding on Saturday in a fabulous state park near our friends' house. Saturday night we had a belated Cinco de Mayo celebration complete with Mexican music, mexican hats, margueritas and sangria. It was really fun.

On Sunday, we took our bikes to Sandy Hook and rode the new bike path along the shore, about 10 miles back and forth. It was really great. On our way back to CT, we stopped to see hubby's mom. And when we got home, my one and only baby was waiting for us. And this is what he got me for Mom's Day!! A pink nano!

I was sooo surprised! I had been blabbing how I thought it would be great to have so I could listen to quilt podcasts, downloaded books, etc. I never thought he would actually buy it for me! He has just been home a week and has been working every day but Sundays at his new landscaping job. I was really touched that he spent his first paycheck on dear old mom!! Thanks, Alex!! You are the best son a Mom could ever wish for!!

Now I have to figure out how it works! It's soo little! Of course, the first thing I thought of was what fabric I would use to make a little case for my new pink baby! LOL
Any of you who can direct me to some good ebooks or podcasts, let me know!!

Oh, and the winner of the Humpday giveaway was Sunbonnet Sue of NY! Sue, your birdies are on their way to you!!

Check back later this week for another giveaway!! Until then, quilt til you wilt!!


Karen said...

Alex Anderson's Quilt Connection, of course!

sbonetsue said...

Thanks again for the giveaway, I am really looking forward to the birdies.

Libby said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration . . . wish I could help with the iPod . . . still struggling here *s*

Nines said...

You are gonna love the ipod!! I got one for Xmas and the boys are like, "Dad, she'll never figure it out!" and he defended me by saying that I figured out the digital camera, she'll do fine. The boys still load it for me, but I know how to find my tunes and play them- so much fun in the quilting room! And when I blow dry my hair! Takes forever and music make the time pass faster! Glad you had a great weekend!

Finn said...

Hi Annie, sounds like a wonderful weekend and especially your Mother's Day *VBS* Hurray for Alex...what a great son! I think you will love the ipod *VBS*
Good to see you working on stuff. Hugs, Finn

katelnorth said...

Typical quilter, thinking first of what fabric you can use to make a case!

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