Tuesday, May 06, 2008

FiberArt for a Cause- Collage Mania

I subscribe to the e-zine Fiber & Stitch and the editor and founder, Virginia Spiegel, a fabulous fiber artist, is running Collage Mania. There are (were, they are going FAST!) collages offered by many different artists and available for a donation to the American Cancer Society. This was a two day event, yesterday and today. Luckily, I was in time to purchase this beauty by Lenna Andrews called "Cherish"

Check out this very worthy cause and pick up some eye candy of your own. My little treasure will be hanging in my office very soon. Also, check out the free projects at the Fiber and Stitch website. Once I tasted one of those little treats, I had to have a subscription to the magazine!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was a four day event. And I sure did need it as the soon to be College Graduate has returned to the nest for the summer. In addition to his adorable self, he brought 4 snowboards, snowboard boots, a computer, 4 boxes of clothes, backpacks, a sleeping bag, a refrigerator and that's just the first load! He is in town for about a week and then he will return to Vermont to make a final presentation and walk the stage on May 18th. He has already got a job for the summer and is hard at work at this moment! We are all making some adjustments to this new living arrangement. Mr. B is clearly unhappy that he has to share his bed with Alex! LOL

In quilting news, my summer quilt is finally in the hands of Butch, the longarmer! Yeah!! That is one quilt that just did not want to be finished! It finally ended up being 85 x 92 inches. Can't wait to get it back and put it on my bed! I was in such a rush to get it out that I didn't take a picture with the borders on!

I also finished Clue #2 ( 20 spool blocks) for the mystery quilt I'm doing and I am well on my way with Clue #3 (7 million four patches, at least it seems like that many), which is a good thing as Clue #4 may be available now.

I have also made a decision on my May postcards, which is half the battle for me. This month's theme is Art Deco flowers. I am going to do them in wool and will be using my embellisher which I've haven't played with in some time. Hope to have some pictures later in the week.

Spring has finally sprung here with temps in the low 70's. It ain't summer but I'll take it!


Libby said...

I have tried to impress upon The Princess that her space is LIMITED when she returns to the nest . . . you are scaring me *s*

Nellie's Needles said...

oooo...what a beautiful piece of art from Collage Mania. Can you believe over $12,000 was raised through the sale of donated art for the American Cancer Society?

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