Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Back from Vacation and Back in the Saddle

Well, I am back from vacation in Cape May, NJ. We had super weather with good friends. The week went by too quickly! Here is a picture of a couple who tried to stowaway in our luggage. That's Mr. B in the suitcase and Holly is looking to squeeze in.

This one was taken of me and my DH at Sunset Beach. We saw several sunsets and I even got up for a sunrise! We spent lots of time on the beach and lots of time eating! But now fall is here and for me it's a time to get organized and focused.

Since my return, I finished my Round Robin and passed it on. Here are a few pictures of my addition. I added flowers and butterflies using a technique I learned on Fembellish. This lady is so talented and inspiring. She is going through some tough times personally and has taken a little hiatus but check out her blog if you love embellishments!!

These aren't the greatest pics as I snapped them about midnight. The placement of the flowers and butterflies changed a little after I took these but I was happy with the result.

My next project this weekend is to finish my Taste of the Orient postcards. I have received one today which is fabulous. This is from a gal in Indianapolis. She is part of the ArtWeMail group.

Before I left, I received a doll quilt from Amy of Calico Cat fame, appropriately called "Ode to a Dandylion". Here is a picture of the beauty that she sent to me. I love the piecing and she even quilted a dandylion on it (which is an inside joke). Thanks Amy!! Hope we can do it again soon!

Well that's it from here! I am trying to catch up with everyone but you guys were not boring last week so there is lots to see. I hope to be around to see everyone by the end of the week!!



Shelina said...

Welcome back from your vacation - glad you had a good time. I did try to be boring, but it didn't keep me from posting!
Amy's quilt is lovely. I really like the embellishment you did on the round robin - will definitely be checking out the link after the comment. The Taste of the Orient Postcard is absolutely gorgeous. I might just have to sign up for a swap to get something like that.

diva of quilts said...

Wonderful work! I will definitely check out the fembellish site.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Welcome back, I love the colours on the addition,the whole quilt looks pretty, great postcards, Tracey

Finn said...

Hi Holly, so happy to hear it was a good vacation! And glad to have you back in blogland *VBS*
Love the embellishment site and what you have done with what you learned is awesome! I'm going to bookmark it for future reference. Hugs, Finn

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