Monday, October 22, 2007

Top 10 Reasons Why I Have Not Posted in over a Month

It has been over 30 days since I last posted to my blog which is just TERRIBLE. But here are the Top 10 reasons why I have been MIA!!

#10 - It took me a week to get all the laundry and unpacking done from our vacation.

#9 - My son came home for a weekend and I had MORE LAUNDRY to do in addition to catching up with him.

#8 - I went to see THE BOSS! Who was fabulous!!

#7 - I made my "Taste of the Orient" postcards. These were mailed out a couple of weeks ago~

This is one of the cards. I made 7 cards with different backgrounds and kimonos.

#6 - My back pain has been acting up so I am back at physical therapy 2 days a week hoping that it will help!

#5- I finished my PIG (Project in Grocery Sacks) for our annual Pig Roast. I started this many years ago when I took an applique class and decided I didn't like doing hand applique sewww it got shoved in a grocery sack and has been aging in my closet. I decided to finish it on the machine and I am really happy with the result.

#4 - Work is insane! We had to fire a gal who was with us for two years. So I have been weeding through piles of resumes and interviewing. We hired a gal who only stayed two weeks. Hired another gal last week and she started this week so I am training her and we are hiring another gal so I am interviewing AGAIN! Good news is that I will be going part-time, 3 days a week, after the first of the year!

#3 - My nephew and his new bride, the couple whose luggage was "misplaced" on their honeymoon to Italy are EXPECTING IN JUNE!! I am going to be a Great Aunt for the 2nd Time! So I have been perusing books to make a baby quilt! #2 - I still have to feed my Hubby and my kitties which involves food shopping and cooking!

#1 - I have been totally tied up with BASEBALL! As some of you may know, I was born and bred in Massachusetts and have been a die hard Red Sox fan for my entire life. It's a gene which was passed down from my dad to me. My DH is also a Red Sox fan so we have been watching every game all season. It was touch and go with Cleveland but once we got to the World Series we swept the Rockies!! Being an official armchair coach, I have not had much time to blog!!

And that's why I haven't posted in sewww long! Whewww!! But I have caught up on all of your comings and goings and quiltiness and have been leaving comments here and there. I am now working on the last round of the Round Robin (note to self- no more Round Robins- UGH~), getting caught up on my Journal quilts ( I'm 4 months behind!), getting my last postcards out the door, and starting my final challenge quilt which is due in December! Hopefully it won't be another 30 days before I post again!! I haven't forgot about my "Pay it forward" gals and have something special for you in the works as well. I won't be getting out by the end of October ( my original plan) but hope to have it in the mail right after Turkey Day!!

Thanks for the emails from many of you wondering about my whereabouts~ It's nice to know that there are gals out in blogland looking out for me!!


Shelina said...

Wow it certainly sounds like you've had a busy month. When you get done with your laundry, come on over and do mine. I'm sure with all that expertise you can do it better :)
That quilt is beautiful - I'm so glad you finished it. It looks great! I was going to do journal quilts too, but I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with the schedule.
Congrats on being a great aunt again. The kimono looks great. My daughter loves all things Japanese. Maybe I should make something like that.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Great, funny post!

Screen Door said...

Sounds like you've been living life well. Love the postcards and the quilt projects. It must be in the water.... everyone's jobs are nutty these days....I voted for never washing clothes again. You wash and they just get dirty again!!!

Frederique said...

Very good reasons! Hope you are free about laundry and other not so funny stuff now!

Finn said...

Hi Annie, my favorite 'wilted' quilter!! Wow, I didn't realize you've been gone that long. Amazing what depression robs a person of, including time awareness. But WELCOME BACK!! And don't do it again!!!
The photos tha accompany the post are just wonderful and ohhhh so clever! You worked hard just to get all of those...LOL
I absolutely love you finishing up applique's wonderful!
Hope the back feels better soon, I know personally, it's NO fun to have a back ache.
Take care of you, Big Hugs, Finn

anne bebbington said...

Good to see you back in blogland - any chance of tackling my laundry pile as you're so well versed :o)

Libby said...

You have been a busy gal . . . but we've missed you so.

Kay said...

You've been busy, but also very productive. Welcome back.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I'll make sure I never lose my luggage if that is what happens!!!
Your RR looks great, love the fence.
Look after that back, great cards, Tracey

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