Friday, September 14, 2007


I am leaving for vacation tomorrow morning and will be back in a week so I thought I would post before I go since there will be no computers or internet access on the beach! Thank goodness! I need a rest from the technology. This is a shot from last year's vacation. Hopefully the weather will be as gorgeous as it was then.

I am still working on the Round Robin . I have made a bunch of flowers and butterflies which I will share on my return. It was a really fun process! I also have started my Japanese postcards which will come with me on vacation to be beaded. I thought I would post a picture of the bag I sent to Christine in the UK as part of the surprise exchange we did through ArtWeMail. I showed the bag she sent a couple of postings ago. I have made quite a few of these bags now and have become quite proficient! I did a lot of beading on this one. It really is a great summer bag!

Just an aside, does anyone use another service other than BLOGLINES to keep track of the blogs they read?? I am not really happy with bloglines lately. It seems I am getting notifications really late and then 6 or 7 posts at a time for each blog. I like to stay on top of my blog reading since a lot can go on in 6 or 7 posts!! We are a busy group. If anyone uses another service, please let me know.

And finally, a picture of my little boy on his 21st birthday. I told you all about his death defying leap but didn't have my camera with me to post his picture. Hard to believe that he is now an adult!!

See you next week! Try to be boring so I don't have too many blogs to read when I get home!! LOL


Libby said...

Have a FANTASTIC time - get lots of rest and mostly just have fun . . . that's what vacations are for.

Your 'little boy' looks like he has grown into a fine young man. Happy Birthday to you both *s*

Kim West said...

Have a wonderful time -- I was just about to do a post on my site (well this weekend) about the program I use for RSS reading. It is called ATTENSA (if you do a search you can find it). It is free. You can run it stand-alone or through Microsoft Outlook (which is what I do). There is even a Mac version. I got fed up with bloglines a long time ago, switched to google reader (which most people use now)got fed up wth it alos, and now use Attensa.

diva of quilts said...

Cute bag!

I haven't bothered to do anything beyond bookmarking and then trying to remember to check the blogs every now and then.

Have a great time!

Finn said...

Hey Annie, hope the vacation is turning out to be the best ever!! Great looking bag...even BETTER looking birthday boy! See ya when you get back....hugs, Finn

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