Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Today is my son's 20th birthday. He is our one and only so it is always a special day, especially today as he leaves his teen years behind him and enters into adulthood. The first picture was taken when he was three years old. See how nice he sat!! He was always an obedient and easy baby and toddler but BOY oh BOY were the teen years exciting!!! Alex has always been an excellent student. But he has a mind of his own and learns from his own mistakes. He has always made us proud and he has turned into a personable young man. This other picture was taken 2 weeks ago when we were in Las Vegas. I guess I am a little nostalgic today as he is not with us but has returned to school in Vermont. So we weren't able to light candles on a cake with him today. But I did call his cell phone and sang Happy Birthday at 7:30 this morning which is the time he was born 20 years ago today!!!

On the quilting front, I came across a FG quilt on someone's blog, either Patti or Dawn,(I get you two confused!!) and loved it. I remembered that I had a bag of wayward FGs in my closet so decided to pull them out. I think they were from a tablerunner that never came to be. At any rate, I picked through my stash and I still had some pieces of 5 of the original fabrics so I am putting together a FG quilt. This is to pass the time while I wait for the border fabric for my mystery quilt which I found online thanks to Dawn and it should arrive by the weekend.

Photos of my progress on the FG to follow!!!!


Libby said...

What a sweet little boy. Isn't it fun when then turn into nice adults? Congrats to you both.

The Calico Cat said...

fg = flower garden?

Dawn said...

Oh I can't wait to see your FG quilt!!!! I love them and this is sooo cool! Glad I gave you the idea!!!!

Patti said...

I know it's Dawn, because thought I've bought the templates for English piecing I've not started mine yet. One of these days!

I think it's funny you get us mixed up - must be because we like the same designers and style of quilts. I don't think there is much else about us that's similar. Thanks mor the chuckle - I needed that after a very hard day at work.

You have a very personable looking 20 year old there - isn't it amazing how fast they grow up. I can't believe my baby boy was 30 this year!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Well, my Little Boy just turned 3 this summer - who knows - maybe we will be river rafting when he hits 20, but for right now we move at a Toddler's pace! I really liked your photos from your trip - it looked like a great big adventure!



EileenKNY said...

I can't count how many Olan Mills portraits I have of the kids. What a cutie! And he's grown into a handsome man-you have every right to be proud.

Finn said...

Hi Annie, how be ya???*VBS* What a great picture of the sweet little boy and the handsome man he is becoming! You sure do have bragging rights!!!!

It's hard in the years that start the seperation from us in miles. I've been through that a few times..*S*

And OK..I'm also confused by FG...please enlighten!! Hugs, Finn

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