Monday, April 29, 2013

Tops completed on Retreat

I started attending this 4 day retreat about 2 years ago.  It is held in the Spring (April/May) and the Fall (October).  It had been held at a YMCA camp but as we ladies (not me!) are getting older there were complaints about the accommodations (bunk beds), so the gal who runs it decided to try it at a hotel in the area.  This was the trial run.  Well, let me tell you, it sure is nice after a hard day of sewing to put your feet up on a queen size bed! I don't now how she does it! Each room had a microwave, fridge and TV. In addition, the hotel is close to just about every store imaginable, including a quilt shop and Joann's. 

She also offers a mystery quilt and runs a batik FQ raffle and a thread raffle.

I arrived on Thursday just before lunch and stayed til 2:00 on Sunday.  Here's what I accomplished!

I made myself finish some WIPs before starting anything new. 

First, I sewed together all of the Sampler blocks from the Block of the Month which was run through a local quilt shop and ended in December.  You may remember some of these blocks. I have the fabric for the backing and will try to get that pieced soon.

Next, I put the borders on my "fabric softener" quilt.  The blocks are foundation pieced onto used dryer sheets. This quilt has been "in the works" for about 4 years. The fabric for the backing is at home. Guess I will be piecing backs and making binding next week.

Once I completed these, I started the "Happy Child" quilt using the fabric sent to me by Janet in honor of her friend.  This came out fabulous. I made the binding but was short on the backing fabric so some creative decisions will be made about that. Looking at it now, I may add a small black border. This is the quilt that I had "measuring and direction reading" issues. According to the pattern, these pieces should be 8.5 x4. I'm pretty happy with my "mini" version of this. 
Next, I made an I-spy quilt of sorts for Cayden. He just turned 1 on April 1st and we are headed to see them the first weekend of June for Bella's birthday (she has requested a Hawaiian Luau, lol).  I wasn't sure about the bright blue and orange but it works and I will be loading that right away. I ordered the backing from my ipad while on retreat and it arrived Friday. The back is ready to go. I am now waiting on thread. I want to use a variegated with these big solid blocks.

Finally, I made a start on a quilt using the Fabric Fling pattern. Here is a picture of what it will look like. I am making my version in batiks. It calls for 25-30 FQs. I wasn't sure I had that many. Sadly, I had enough for TWO quilts! The FQs were prewashed and ironed. I cut them into 2.5 strips and started sewing them together. This one is 85 x 85. It will go on my bed or perhaps to my son, Alex, as he just got into his first "all by myself" apartment.

I have already given my check for the October retreat and have even talked my sissy into coming up from Florida for a weekend of quilting.  Gosh, I do love retreats!!!

Also, I FINISHED A BOOK!!  I finished my "palate clearing" book that I chose after Great Expectations. I got it for free through Book Bub. Life from Scratch by Melissa Ford is a cute "girlie" book. I was doing so much more reading earlier in the year and I seem to have hit a bump. I am trying to gain my momentum back. Next up is The DaVinci Code. Book Bub offered that for free recently so I grabbed it since I have seen the movie but never read the book.

Well that's it from here. I did lots of spring cleaning over the weekend. Windows cleaned, spring/summer curtains up, bedding switched over to spring/summer, vacuuming/dusting and flower beds cleared, cleaned and trimmed. Whewww!



tilly said...

Wow, hope I wake up tomorrow and find I am In a retreat........... I could do with accomplishing a quarter of what you did, What a great time and so many projects attacked!

Debra Spincic said...

all of your quilts are right up my alley! Good for you!!

Anonymous said...

The quilts all look so wonderful. Does everybody accomplish this much on retreats?

Kay said...

Oh, Annie, you're a whirlwind! The quilts are impressive enough, but cleaning too? Wow! Good going. I haven't been able to go to a retreat for a couple of years, and I miss it. I hope to go this fall.

AnnieO said...

Just got caught up on your month, whew! Glad March went out like a lion and swept you along the whirlwind :-). Lots of freest stuff happening under your needle. MATH frequently slaps me upside the head, as u know...good save on your part! Someday I want to retreat toooooo

Kate North said...

The retreat sounds lovely - I wish I could go :)

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