Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quick Update - Sunny is back on track

As I mentioned in my last post, Sunny was under the weather and would not stitch at all. Sewww, I called the Quilt Doc and we had a little conversation.

QUILT DOC: "Are you sure she is threaded correctly?" 
Annie: Yep!
QUILT DOC: "Is the bobbin turning clockwise?"
 Annie: Yep!
QUILT DOC: "Is the needle in correctly?" 
Annie: I have the long groove facing to the back. " 
QUILT DOC: " You have the needle in backwards." 
Annie: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. 

Sunny, I'm sorry I called you a finicky b*%$h.  She is running good as new now that I have turned the needled around! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012


I don't make a big deal about this day since I'm Irish 24/7, 365 days a year but for the rest of the world who aren't as Lucky as I am,  (LOL), my wish is that you find that pot of gold, or better yet, Fabric at the end of the rainbow! 

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Unhappy Villages and other mishaps

As I eluded to in my last post, I had hoped to finish Happy Villages, my Karen Eckmier project from 20??. I had finished the piecing at my last quilt retreat in October and had come up with the brilliant idea to use Misty Fuse to hold on the tulle which covers the raw edge pieces. This would, in essence, free me from sewing around aaaalllllllll of the little pieces which my fellow quilters had done back when Misty Fuse was non-existent. I used my Goddess Sheet to cover everything and ironed the Misty Fuse on.  I lifted the Goddess Sheet and admired my handiwork, BRILLIANT!!

Then, slowly I turned to reach for something, nudging the very light weight ironing board with my fat you know what, and the iron fell onto the uncovered tulle piece, melting the tulle in the village sky. 
Yep, I plundered my own village.  Here's the damage. It actually looks good here. Where is the viallge fire dept when you need them?! I pondered some ways to try and salvage it but at this point, I just think it's Karma.  This was not to be a finished project. So, I ditched it.

As for my other mishaps, welllll, my midarm, Sunny, is acting up. Having a real problem with the bobbin. She doesn't want to stitch, (finicky little b*#ch). I will need to wait til my next day off to contact the "doctor" and see if she can help me over the phone or Sunny could be taking a trip to the doctor's office.

And, I am rethinking my Barbara Brackman Civil War blocks. I am about 1/2 done with the blocks and I am losing my love for this project. This is a BIG quilt so I may just say "uncle" to Barbara and call it a day and make a lap with the blocks I have. If and when this happens, all of my Civil War repro fabric will be offered to some lucky blogger as I am closing the book on CW quilts.

Not much sewing yet this month and we are almost 1/2 way through. YIKES!!! I did start cutting the pieces for my great nephew, Cayden's baby quilt.  He is due to arrive in May. Here is what the blocks will look like.

I am loving how this is going to look. The alphabet centers are fussy cut from fabric I have had FOREVER. The blue is an oldie too. I just needed to buy the red.  This block is from Crooked Log Cabins by Pat Sloan.  I thought I might even get this quilt done before the baby is born, but since it took me 5 minutes just to lay these two blocks out on my design wall, I'm thinking Cayden may be in High School before I get this one done!. LOL! Hopefully, it will get easier after I get a few under my belt. 

The NCAA tourney starts this weekend so lots of basketball will be watched. I will be setting up a sewing station in front of the boob tube with hopes of getting some piecing done.  We are getting a new 55" flat screen LED TV !!   This is my hubby's baby. He has been scrimping and saving for a while now and finally found THE perfect TV.  He's like a 5 year old at Christmas right now, counting the days til the geek squad arrives to install it. 

Well, I am off to make some lunch for hubby and myself. He is home today to "supervise" the Geek Squad. Thought I would make some tuna fish, but don't know if I will find any in the cupboard.  Here's what I saw when I went to grab the tuna cans.  Do you see Mr. B back there? Thankfully he hasn't figured out how to use the can opener.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

The February Accounting and Blogger Recognition

Well, I may have bitten off more than I could quilt this month but I did finish quite a bit on my "get it dun" list. I am finding 15 minutes here and there to do a bit of this and that which is adding up to some quilting progress. Here's a quick accounting::

- 5 civil war blocks dun;
- mastectomy pillows sewn, stuffed and delivered;
- January  and February sampler blocks finished as well as all the sashing and cornerstones for the entire quillt. The directions were given when we signed up. I figured that the odds were higher this would get finished if I did all that prep stuff up front.  These are some BIG blocks which measure 20 inches. There will be 12 all together.
And being the dandylion (i.e. one who is easily blown off course) that I am, I started another project with the Pieceful Kwilter and her 2012 stitch a long. I could not resist these blocks. Check out Shannon's blog and join in.

Seww, some of my February goals were not met. The log cabin quillt is still on the frame and the Happy Villages quilt, well, there's an unhappy story that goes along with that which I will share later.

I've gone ahead and put my March goals up. Some have been moved forward from February and some are new.  I'm finding a little accountability is producing results.

Now for Blogger Recognition... A lovely blogger ( and lurker LOL) named Karen recognized me as part of the Liebster Awards. This award is recognition of a blogger who has less than 200 followers. I was tickled pink  to be chosen especially given my spotty blogging of late.  Now it is my honor to recognize 5 bloggers who are think are awesome and meet the under 200 criteria.  

I have been reading quiltiing blogs for many years and these 5 gals have withstood the test of time.  There are lots of blogs out there about quilting but the thing that I look for when choosing a blog is not just about the nuts and bolts of the quilting but the stories behind the quilter. The beauty of the quilts are enhanced by the bits and pieces the quilter shares of her life. I want to share in her little victories (both personal and quilty) as well as commiserate and comfort her when life throws a curveball.

Plain and Simple  Libby is the best. I knew we were kindred spirits when I saw her Indian Hatchet quilt that had several blocks "trying to escape" by heading in the wrong direction ( which I would do) and she left them that way ( which I would also do!).  She and I have met in person, and visited together several times when she was living on the East Coast. Her quilts are fabulous! She is one of my dearest quilting pals and we continue our friendship despite the east coast- west coast distance.  Can't wait to meet with her again in her native California in December.

Debra's Design Studio What can I say about Debra? She is a dynamo! She is always pushing her self and the envelope in her quilting designs.  She also has a heart as HUGE as the state of Texas where she lives. She does more quilting for charity than anyone I know.  Debra and I have traded fabric on several occasions which neither of our hubbies can understand. Men!

Covered Porches  Melanie is a working gal like me but she still finds time to make beautiful quilts. Her winters in Michigan are worse than the ones I experience here in Connecticut which always makes me feel better! LOL! She also finds time for gardening which she shares.

Scrap and Thread Tales  I love this Yankee Quilter and it's not just because she loves the Red Sox, Dunkin Donuts coffee and cats! Bonnie knows sooo much about antique quilts and fabric. She is in the process of recreating an antique quilt now and is sharing her process. It is fascinating.  She also loves the modern fabric which she mixes with the old for a fantastic result.

Out of the Basement Kay is an extremely talented quilter. Her quilts have been chosen for the Road to California show!  She also loves the Hoffman challenge. It's so interesting to watch her take that (usually ugly) chosen fabric and incorporate it into a beautiful quilt. She is a world traveler and a reader who has recommended several great books which I have read and enjoyed.

Well, that's my FAB FIVE!!!!  Be sure to visit them as well as Karen. You know you need to add some blogs to your list!

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