Friday, April 22, 2011

MQX Kitties

As everyone knows, quilters are not only fabric lovers but animal lovers.  So it is inevitable that our pets and animals end up not only ON our quilts but IN our quilts.I, myself, came to cats later in life. We always had dogs.  At MQX there were lots of animals in quilts. I gravitated to the kitties.  This post is dedicated to The Calico Cat.  Dandylion, I was thinking of you when I took these. 

This is Denim and Calico made by Janet Fogg of Oregon. This was a HUGE quilt. Take a look at the size of the yo-yos.
 This is Alikins Alley Cat made by Jodi Scaltreto of Hillsboro NH.  This was tread painted about 14 x 21 inches.

 Look out for Scout by PennySander of Arlington MA.

This is another by Penny Sander called Where's Buddy?. This was the result of a guild challenge to use only black, white and one other color. This has over 2000 rectangles.  Take  a look at the close up.
And finally, Fall Frolic by Barbara Beaumont of Massachusetts.
 And there are your kitty qui;tsphotos for the day!  Hope everyone has a lovely Easter. Spring is finally here!!


The Calico Cat said...

I have the pattern for the bottom one - incase you want to make one. :o)

Anonymous said...

Those cat quilts are wonderful. I have a dog myself, but I'm grandma to my daughter's two cats, each of which showed up at her doorstep on successive Halloweens. They're named Snickers and Milky Way (good trick or treat names).

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