Tuesday, March 01, 2011

First, I want to apologize to Barbara Brackman.

Barbara, I'm not mad at you anymore. I still like you and thank you for keeping quilt history alive.

There, I feel much better now and I finished the Richmond block and the Cotton Boll with few problems.
Sorry these are a little blurry, not the blocks, the picture~

After finishing the blocks, I decided to pull out some felted wool for a pillow I am making for our guild's Spring Tea.

Three hours later, I had gone through several bins of UFOs , reorganized things, found five tops that are ready for quilting and found this....

Not the bed, the quilt top~

I had bought this top without the borders a million years ago at a yard sale. I have been inspired by Debra , her new machine and all the practicing she is doing and thought this would be a good practice piece for me. I haven't given my Sunny a good workout in a long time. So I have added the borders, pulled some ancient fabric and pieced the back and this will be loaded for quilting in the near future.

Oh, and I did pull the felted wool for the pillow. See it sitting on the top of this enormous, yet not completed, pile of stuff!

I am headed for a quilt retreat on the Cape. I pulled a couple of Oldies but Goodies from the archives and will work on them as well as the wool pillow. And I will be bringing these awesome mags to peruse for inspiration and new ideas. As many of you may know, Borders bookstores have filed for bankruptcy/reorganization. They are closing some of their stores and one near to us is closing and liquidating their inventory. Magazines were 40% off!!! So, I grabbed a bunch.

Lastly, I just received this in the mail. Paula, The Quilter spoke about having your blog entries made into a book some time ago. With my Five Year Blogiversary coming up in May, I decided to do the same. So this is Year One of Quilt til you Wilt in print. It's cool to see your posts in print with pictures. I can't believe it's almost five years!

I'll report back with my (keep your fingers crossed) completed retreat projects next week.

Til then,

Quilt til you wilt!!!!!!!!!!


YankeeQuilter said...

That is a great pile of projects! Is that Cape Cod or Cape May you are heading to? I'm up that way this summer for weddings...

Kay said...

Oh fun! It looks like you're set for a very fun time!

I've thought about doing the blog to book thing. Hearing that you're pleased with yours gives me new impetus. I've been doing mine for five years too. It becomes a good record of life, worth preserving.

Anonymous said...

Your Civil War blocks look great.

My daughters did the blog book for me after my first year of blogging (2008) as a 76th birthday gift. I love it - hard cover, dust cover - looks like it came out of a bookstore.

Debra Spincic said...

Glad to know I've inspired you to finish a top with some quilting--always a good thing!

Libby said...

I'm glad you are not angry with Barbara anymore *s* Hope you had a fun retreat!

ali lichtenstein said...

Greetings from S. Korea, where the internet is uncensored! What a terrific blog. Beautiful Civil War blocks--I love your colors.

julieQ said...

YOur blocks look just fantastic...I am dreadfully behind with the Civil War quilt...maybe I can rectify that tomorrow!!! Such a pretty bunch of projects you have going on!

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