Friday, February 20, 2009

More February Finishes

I have finished two more of the piggies hanging around in the poke. The first is the Round the World wall hanging. I did some cross hatch quilting and a simple FM heart border and it is finished and ready to hang.

I also finished one of my summer totes. This is an Indigo Junction pattern and super easy! It will make a great bag to carry my lunch to work in this spring and summer. I have two others ready to go but will probably put them to the side to work on a couple of more pressing projects.

This weekend I hope to get a purse made that I have been wanting to do using a felted sweater. I want to get to use it before the winter is over. Based on this week, I don't see winter ending soon. Monday we got 3 inches and last night we got 3 more! Rumor has it that Sunday is supposed to drop a few more inches of the white stuff on us.
I also want to get moving on my goddaughter, Bridie's, fairy quilt. Her birthday is the end of March and I want to get it to her before she gets too old!!
Lastly, here is a picture of Mr. B. He is sitting on my quilting table, his usual perch, where he likes to watch me iron. He is fascinated by the steam. Hope everyone has a super weekend.

Quilt til you wilt!!


YankeeQuilter said...

Mr B is so handsome! (but he knows that...)

That bag is very can never have too many of them these days!

Hope the snow ends soon...

Libby said...

What a fun trip around the world. Don't you just love making another tick mark in the finished column *s*

julieQ said...

What a pretty helper you have there! I love your tote. That would be just right for me to take my lunch to work. Your small quilt is so pretty, too.

Finn said...

A very handsome Mr. B! I had to shoo Ebby off the key board. She's quite smitten with his handsome puss *VBS*
The projects look great, and doesn't it feel so good to let those pigs out of that poke?? I suspect you'll keep gathering momentum as you roll forward. Sending some nice warm hugs, Finn

ROZ said...

I love that bag, and can imagine it stuffed with things--

Annette J said...

Really pretty bag Annie and Mr B must be such a help.