Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cold weather projects- A flurry of February Finishes

I know I have been gone for a couple of weeks but my computer was sick and had to go to the computer doctor for a checkup. Thanks to Dr. Mike we are back up and running faster than ever!

The pictures I have today are the final February finishes that I worked on last weekend. Neither is a pig but sometimes you have to do something new and fun!

For Valentine's Day, my hubby bought me a teapot. I have found a wonderful teashop near my office and have been buying loose tea. Now that I have a teapot, I needed a tea cozy to keep my tea warm as it steeps. I found this fabric in my stash and made a little cozy. I am quite pleased with it and it gave me a chance to practice my FM quilting too.

My other project has been on the back burner since I went to Houston. I found this little project in a magazine I got as a giveaway. It is a purse made from a felted sweater! This sweater was one of my favorites that I bought at The Gap many years ago. I felted it after I got a hole in the elbow and it has been in my wool stash for some time. The wool plaid lining (which was not 100% wool and didn't felt well) was part of my goodies that I won at our guild's teacup auction last month. I absolutely LOVE IT! I even took the GAP label from the sweater and put it on the inside!

It is a fabulous little bag that matches my red wool coat.

This past weekend I moved my sewing room from the smaller guest room to my son's old bedroom. Now that he is in Colorado I figured it would be ok to TAKE OVER the bigger room and the BIGGER closet for my stash. Stop by later in the week pictures of the transformation!


Tricia and Aimee said...

Love the bag Annie! How fun...good luck on the sewing room move

laura west kong said...

Wow! Both projects turned out great! I have that same green teapot fabric in my stash. Haven't decided what to do with it yet though. =(^_^)=

Debra said...

Great Purse!

Kay said...

How cute! Both of them are great. And moving your sewing room too--you've been busy.

YankeeQuilter said...

That purse is great! I love tea cozies...made a half dozen when living in England!

Libby said...

That is the best bag ever! I love it *s* Your teapot is pretty sweet, too. I don't drink tea, but if I did - I would want one just like it.

Annette J said...

Absolutely stunning bag Annie and love that tcosy. I hope you enjoy your teapot and cosy for some time to come.

Kim said...

Hello Annie. I have been gathering wool clothing to re-purpose. This bag idea is perfect for the long wool coats that I felted.

The tea cozy turned out well and is a nice idea...very very cute fabric!

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