Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another Little Quilt Swap and other stuff

How is it possible that I have not posted in 3 weeks??!! I have been quilting which is a good thing but life in general has kept me from the computer. Oh, and my son and hubby, who are always on line!! You have to make an appointment lately to get near the computer!

Well, first off, I have been around blogland visiting and noticed that some of you had posted pics of your gardens. So here are pictures of my humble veggie garden.. I have a lovely yard with a pond and lots of flowers but really never did any vegetable gardening. But with the prices the way they are and the tomato scare, I decided this year to do some container gardening. Here are my lettuce plants in an old tub. I have since eaten this lettuce and planted more!! Doesn't look like much but it was good!!!

The tomato containers are courtesy of my hubby. He had these old speakers (circa 1980) which have been in the closet for about 15 years! He finally decided they were not repairable so I ripped out the guts and used the boxes for my tomatoes.

And the flower box is full of basil. We have eaten a wonderful pesto a couple of times in the past couple of weeks.

And in the midst of my pruning and weeding in the Garden of Eden last week, I somehow sat on an ant hill. Needless to say, they were not happy with my behind on their front porch and I ended up with about 20 bites which swelled up and were soooo itchy! I will spare you the picture. Definitely not pretty!!

And in quilting news, I have finished my ALQS piece and it will go in the mail to my partner tomorrow.. I'm one of those "down to the wire" people. It's a bit larger than the perimeters laid out for the swap, but I couldn't hold myself back and had to add the striped border.. My partner likes purple which is not a color I work with often but I liked this enuf to make one for myself. I hope she likes it!!

With any luck in the next couple of weeks, I will start my 3 day work week. I've been negotiating this with my boss for over a year and we have finally added another paralegal to our firm so I can work a bit less and enjoy life a bit more. Seww keep your fingers crossed! That's it from here in Connecticut. Summer is in full swing and I LOVE SUMMER, so I may be a bit scarce til the cold weather returns, but I am visiting everyone and hope to post some finished projects over the next few weeks. Quilt til you wilt!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

No quilting going on here!

Monday I worked late,

Tuesday was our guild picnic,

and Wednesday,


I'm still recuperating from the late night! He didn't come on stage til 9:45. Steve Winwood from Traffic was the opener. I felt like I was 18 again. He and the band still sound great. The average age of the audience was surprisingly mid-20's. It was sort of cool to see Tom cast his spell over a new generation. The audience knew the hits, but the deep cuts were for the Baby Boomers in the crowd! At one point, Tom said he was playing a song from 1979 (Damn the Torpedoes) and I looked at my hubby and said "Half this crowd wasn't even born in 1979!!"

So, summer is really here with my first outdoor concert under my belt. Got my Petty fix for the summer! Next up, Toby Keith, then Tina Turner!

Now back to my regular programmed life.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Surprise package

This enormous box was waiting on my doorstep last week. HMMM...... what could be inside??

Mr. B is my homeland security, checking for anything suspicious. Once he was done with his inspection, I opened it up to find what Amy (Calico Cat) calls UFOs. If only my UFOs were this complete!!! One is a beautiful flimsy in pinks and greens, the other is already sandwiched and partly tied with cute little white buttons. I absolutely love the fabrics and the design. They remind me of several Amy has made from " The Modern Quilt". I have the book and have yet to make one. I've already told Calico Cat that these are in the queue to be finished. In fact, they have bumped several of my own to the back of the line. In addition, Amy sent me a pile of books to peruse for more inspiration. Thanks so much, Dandylion~~

Once the box was empty, Mr. B spent a good amount of time IN the box. He loves a good box and apparently, according to Amy, this had been RB's box. I think they both knew that as much sniffing and smelling was done.
I saw this little group of fabric on a fellow quilter's blog and immediately knew I had to make a quilt for my new little great-niece, Isabella. I emailed Dawn and she told me the name of the fabric line., Baby Bella by Marcus (how perfect!!!). I was lucky to find some online and ordered it. I have already got the blocks done and the rows together. I ran short (what else is new!??) on the brown dot for the borders so I have to reorder. But once that arrives, it will be done and quilted. I'll share photos of the flimsy later this week.I was very productive this weekend, despite the 90 degree weather, but short of time right now~Photos of this weekend's projects tomorrow~ HAPPY MONDAY!!!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday musings

I spent most of this weekend doing errands, cleaning, and gardening but did find some time on Sunday to work on my Round Robin. I was given the 12 inch center medallion and the first round is to add a border with points. I knew what I wanted to do, thanks to Anne at Quilting Bebbs. In fact, I emailed her to ask if it was ok to copy her and she was very gracious! I had saved the picture she had on her blog from her Spring RR because I absolutely loved it. Seww, I just had to execute it. I pulled out my Thangles and made my 1/2 square triangles and then had to attack the flying geese units. I hate the maths of quilting but pulled out a trusty old book and figured out the numbers. BUT, unfortunately, forgot the seam allowance for the points, which I didn't realize until the borders were ON and I was adding the little outer border. That's when ( to use a Massachusetts expression), "light dawned on Marblehead"! Doh! Well, at least I was consistent and all four points were chopped off. I still think it is effective. Thanks Anne for your super border idea. I just love it!
I know I have praised the internet in the past for linking all of us quilters together but I didn't realize how much so until yesterday when I was working on this border and I started thinking about some of the people who have touched my life..
First, from Anne in England, I got a great border idea!
From Debra in Texas, I got a link from her blog for a Youtube presentation by Sharon Schamer for executing the perfect binding. And I mean perfect! you have to check it out! Just go on Youtube and put in Sharon's name. I emailed Debra after I watched it and told her it was the best thing I had seen on the internet in a loonnng time.
From Life is a Stitch's Nancy, I am finishing a super mystery quilt. (and I swore after my first one, remember Mystery Quilt from Hell, I would never do another).
From England and France, I received my beautiful postcards from Christine, Annette, Brigitte, Jennifer and Cindy, which brighten my day every month. And it goes beyond quilting....
Vicki's (field trips in Fiber) birdie updates...
Pictures from the proms, the new babies, the dogs and cats...
I chat now and again with Libby in California, Joanne at Rocking on the Porch, Patti (go Mariners!) Amy at the Calico Cat and not just about quilting but about life,kids,family, music, and baseball.
Woww! I'm getting a little teary here. Well that's my Monday Musings! Thanks to all of you out there who have touched my life... and it all started with quilting.

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