Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Chick has left the Nest

I can't believe I've been gone for a month! Life has been pretty hectic lately both at home and at work. As I posted about last month, my DS, Alex, was getting ready to head out west to look for a job in the ski resort industry. Of course, with company coming, I had to spruce up the place! That included lots of home dec sewing of new pillow covers, new valances and a new cover for my tired old window seat cushion.

We had a big party on October 4th with lots of family and friends. It was a beautiful autumn day and he really loved seeing everyone. We even had an impromptu auction with all the items that Alex didn't want to take with him. LOL. He sold his college dorm fridge, a study lamp, etc. We had a lot of laughs bidding against one another, This was one of the most sought after items- one of his old Halloween costumes- the blowup german bar maid.

The winner was this guy! My little brother Mike, father of four, and a VP of a commercial plumbing company. He will be wearing this to greet the trick or treaters at his house this year! (Some guys never grow up! LOL!)

Alex left last Thursday for his solo drive out to Colorado. He arrived in Denver on Sunday and had his first interview yesterday at Vail. He was offered a full time position working in the terrain park. He has an interview in Salt Lake City at Solitude on Wednesday and then he is headed to Lake Tahoe for an interview next week at Heavenly. After that he will weigh his options and choose a place to spend the winter.

I don't want to toot my horn too much about my one and only kid but I can't believe how brave he is to head out alone cross-country to start a new life. Just like the Pioneers!! His friend from college, who was to accompany him, bailed out at the last minute and it would have been easy for Alex to just stay put. But he knows this is the time to make a move, when he is young and unattached.

I knew Alex was really serious about making this a long term move when he took down his posters and rolled them up to put in his car. He looked a bit like a gypsy with his car packed full of all his snowboards, boots and clothes. So, it looks like Bob and I may be flying out west during the holidays!

Everyone please keep my boy in your prayers for a safe and successful journey!

Anyway, Holly and Mr. B have reclaimed their bed that they graciously gave to Alex to use for the summer and the nest is pretty quiet. I'm back to quilting and hope to finish the jacket I started last month by the time I leave for Houston in TWO WEEKS! Our little group is meeting next Monday to coordinate our final travel arrangements. I am also still engrossed in baseball. My
RED SOX took a licking last night losing 9-1 to the Rays. Hopefully, tonight they will redeem themselves!
I am totally behind in blog reading but will get back around to all of you over the next week or so! Until then, Quilt til you Wilt!


Libby said...

*woo hoo* for the chick! Already one offer and all the interviews not even done.
Are you ready for the PR finale? I am practically counting the hours. And Houston . . . oh, the fun you will have. Take tons and tons of pictures and buy lots of pretty/shiny things to bring home to create with!

Kay said...

Your son does deserve credit for this brave move. Sounds like it's turning out well for him.

Have a wonderful trip to Houston.

laura west kong said...

Congrats to you both! Have a wonderful time in Houston! ^_^

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

You sound amazingly upbeat! A very big occasion, can imagine auctioning of his stuff would have panged at the heartstrings. great to know you have raised an independent soul who is not afraid to walk his own road, sounds like a great place to holiday, what kind of distances are we talking? Tracey

julieQ said...

I know you must miss him and wonder what he is up to each day...he will do great, Mom! Sounds like he is going to have the time of his life...

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