Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May Flowers

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Despite being a long weekend, it was not long enough to get everything done. However, I did get my summer quilt bound and on the bed. I still have to make the shams. These pictures are my postcards for the May theme- Art Deco Flowers which will go out in the mail today. These are made from wool felt and I used my Baby Lock Embellisher! Loads of fun! I really need to pull it out more often and start playing around with it!

I spent time in the garden and planted my tomatoes, lettuce and basil in containers. I still need to relocate a few things and put my soaker hoses in a couple of the flower beds but there is only so much time in a day.

My next quilting project is my Round Robin due on June 10th and the ALQS quilt swap organized by Kate North. I also hope to get my new valances done this weekend!OHHH,
a quilter's work is never done!

In non-quilting news, I became a Great Auntie this weekend. My nephew and his wife who were married last June just welcomed Isabella Grace into our family on Sunday. I guess that honeymoon was a great one! She looks just like her dad did when he was born. Well, enjoy the rest of this short week!


The Calico Cat said...

Call me "Mary Grace" (My grandmother) becasue the first thing I did was count the number of months on my hands!

My dad was a honeymoon baby too & you know in the 40's they were all counting the number of months.

Do you think I can hold onto my baby an extra couple weeks? (I have been counting how much time I have to take off from work - not enough...)

Libby said...

Welcome, little one *s* . . . is there a dainty little quilt on the way?

Diana said...

You are so busy! The little one is a dear. Just think, short week means it's closer to next weekend. LOL

Finn said...

Hi Annie, what a sweet baby *VBS* Love the Art Deco cards...never enough time, is there? Hugs, Finn

anne bebbington said...

Coincidentally our next door neighbours little girl is also Isabella Grace - a very pretty name

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