Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back from Jacksonville

Well, we are back from our trip to Jacksonville. The wedding went off without a hitch and the happy couple are on their way to Italy for two weeks. Here are a few pictures...

The first picture is the handsome groom, my nephew Nate. He is a graphic designer and my absolutely favorite nephew!

And here is the lovely bride, Brandi... She is a first grade teacher in Jacksonville.

My son, Alex, was a groomsman. He and Nate are 7 years apart but have always been close as they are both only children. He was thrilled when Nate asked him to be part of his wedding. As you can see, he had a great time at the wedding. He is on the left with his partner from the wedding.

Here is my sister, Kathy, the mother of the groom, and I. She got all the skinny genes in our family. LOL. Hard to believe she has a son that is 27 years old. Ladies, she works really hard to stay in shape. Up at 4:30 every morning to go to the gym before work. She and her husband, Bill, have a beautiful home on the St. Johns' River where we stayed for a couple of days before the wedding.

Here is a pic of my DH, Bob, and I at the wedding. This is where the ceremony was held. the Club Continental overlooks the St. John's River. At one time I suppose it was a mansion but now is a small inn and a super place to have a wedding.

And another of my handsome guy!!

And finally, a picture of the Bride and Groom during the Best Man's speech which had averyone in stitches..
My other sister and one of my brothers were able to come from Massachusetts for the wedding as well as my mom and one of my favorite uncles. He was a hit on the dance floor doing the Electric Slide!

It was a super time and I was so happy that we were all able to get to Florida to see Nate and Brandi on their special day as well as to have a chance to get caught up with my family.

Well, tomorrow back to the grind....


QuiltingFitzy said...

What beautiful pictures! Glad you had a good time and were able to catch up with family members.

Libby said...

Congrats to the happy couple - looks like a good time was had by all and in such a wonderful setting, too.
There are NO skinny genes in my family at all darn it *s* I sure would have liked to have some.

Connie said...

What lovely photos. Summer weddings are so fun.

Diana said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures--you all look as if you had a good time at the wedding. It looks like they had the perfect location.

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