Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A half hearted attempt at blogging

I haven't been feeling very bloggy lately but I have been visiting everyone and leaving my 2 cents here and there!

The last week or so has been rough. On Monday of last week, I lost my favorite aunt Angelina, better known as Aunt Angie. She was 85 and had been ill for some time. It was a blessing but I was really sad. She was the first Italian to enter our mostly Irish family, and Sicilian to boot!! She was so full of life and loved to laugh. Of course, she was an awesome cook. She was married to my mom's baby brother but was much than he. But she had the most beautiful skin and never looked her age. When I married my DH, she was thrilled to have another Italian in the family. She always had an extra special hug and kiss for him.

On Monday of this week, I lost my uncle Norman. He too had been ill for some time. He was my dad's little brother. He married late in life and had lived with my grandmother right down the street from us when we were growing up. He and my Dad used to sit on Sundays and watch football. In the summer, he would come to our house and play cribbage or horseshoes with my Dad. My Dad passed away 10 years ago. I guess now he has his cribbage partner back.

It seems to me that more people pass in the winter than any other time of the year. I wonder why?

On the brighter side, I am preparing for my quilt retreat with 15 gals from my guild. We leave early Friday morning. This is my birthday present to me. My birthday is Sunday and I can't think of a better way to spend it than quilting with my girls! I have two lap quilts cut and ready to go, some flannel squares that I am going to make into HSTs for kitty quilts, one in cowboy prints for Bailey and one in pinks for Holly. (They need separate accomodations in front of the propane stove. Holly is not a good sharer!) I am also bringing the ill fated hat I have been working on for Alex. It is moving along slowly. Hopefully, I'll have it finished before the snow melts!

My camera has been on the fritz so I don't have any pictures. I know I am long overdue to post some quilty pictures but it is supposed to be ready for me to take on the retreat so I will have pictures to post after the weekend.

BTW, I want to wish a Happy Birthday to Amy!! http://thecalicocat.blogspot.com
She and I are both Aquarians and Dandylions! (She knows what I mean, tee hee!)

Sewww, everybody try to stay warm (or cool, if you are in Australia) and quilt til you wilt!


Diana said...
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Diana said...

Annie, so sorry to hear of your losses this week. Your two relatives meant so much to you.

Have a good time at your retreat--it sounds like you have a lot to keep you busy. Happy Birthday!

Libby said...

So sad to hear of your recent losses, but I sure had to smile at the thought of the cribbage partners being together again.

Have a terrific time at your retreat -- a great way to celebrate your birthday. A nice treat *s*

Dawn said...

Oh Ann, sorry to hear you have had a rough few weeks. I hope you have a good time this weekend. I"ll be gone on retreat also!!

I can't wait to see what you work on.

anne bebbington said...

losses are hard and far more so in duplicate - this is such a sorry time of year - they do say there are more deaths in February than any other month of the year despite the shortness of the month - it's like a body's at it's lowest ebb at this time of year, still dismal winter without Christmas to look forward to - enjoy your retreat, you deserve something nice happening

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Thanks for the cat advice, I've never seen pet wipes here. Sorry about the uncle and aunt, your retreat will be just what you need! have a very happy Birthday, LOL Tracey

Giusypatch Quilting and other stuff said...

Ciao Ann,
I'm sorry about your loss... if this could help, I'm Italian and even if I live in Trieste from 20 years, I born in Messina, Sicily! :-) Love, Giusy

Shelina said...

Annie, so sorry about your loss. It would be hard enough to lose one person at a time, but two seems like it would be much harder.
Hope you have a happy birthday and enjoy your time at the retreat.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I am sorry for your family losses. Try to have fun at the retreat and enjoy your birthday present.



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