Wednesday, December 13, 2006


As promised, here are pictures of some of the smaller Christmas trees we have decorated throughout our house. This first tree is set up in my sewing room. All the ornaments are sewing or quilt related. The garland is made up of little spools wrapped in red plaid. You might recognize my little mascot on the tree, Ms. Quilt Til you Wilt. I also have a series of Hallmark ornaments on the tree and each ornament has a thimble. You can see Thimble Santa and the Thimble Mouse. I really love the sewing machine ornament. It reminds me of the Singer treadle machine I learned to sew on.

This second tree is in our bedroom. It's a new addition this year. We bought the tree from a store which was going out of business. It was used as a display. It's perfect for showing off all of our Margaret Furlong ornaments. I'm not sure what they are made from but each ornament resembles a shell angel and each year the angel was holding something different. This one is holding a floral garland. They stopped making these ornaments about 3 years ago. We were really sad!! :( Of course, we have Santa counting down the days until Christmas and our trio of snowpeople.

Last night, my DH began putting ornaments on our real tree. We cut it down on Saturday. We forgot to bring the tape measure so we just "eyeballed" it for size. Of course, when we got it home, it was too tall. (We should have known when the tree was longer than the car!) But a little off the top and bottom and we made it fit. It's about 10 1/2 feet tall. There is barely enough room for the angel!! We spent Sunday putting on 1200 lights and the garland. We will finish the ornaments tonight and I will post pics of the three full size trees tomorrow.

Well, I have a couple more but Blogger says NO! So I will try to post them later.


Libby said...

1200 lights -- now that's festive? Don't you just love having trees all around the house ... makes it Christmas all around.

Shelina said...

Ann, all of your trees are so pretty. I really like all the ornaments you have on your trees - the sewing ones, the angels, all of them. Your house must look very festive!

Dawn said...

Oh you are in the xmas spirit I see! Look at all the fun trees and ornaments!

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