Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I made the switch to BETA

After trying to post to Beta blogs and being denied, I made the switch. Seems to be ok. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Since I switched, I thought I'd try to load a pic and see how it works. seww, here's another Christmas tree!

This little feather tree is in our bathroom. I bought all the little ornaments at a gift shop which went out of business. Again, boo! hoo! I hate when little novelty shops aren't able to make it! You never find things like this at Walmart!

And my little Irish snowman was a gift from my DH last year! I actually have two of them. They are so cute.


Libby said...

Love that Irish snowman. Glad you made the switch successfully. Nothing worse than someone telling me I can't talk *s*

Dawn said...

I love the little ornaments on your little bathroom tree! My husband would die if I put a tree in our bathroom! That snowman is too cute!

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