Monday, August 07, 2006

my quilting weekend

NO pictures today but will try to add them tonight..

On the first Friday of the month, my friend, Diane at Clover Hill Quilts, has a Midnight Madness evening where she keeps the shop open and for $5.00 each, we get together and quilt and have pizza until Midnight (well, actually, about 10 pm and we are pooped and ready to go home!). This Friday I went over and there were only three of us, but I did get quite a bit accomplished.

I got the borders on the little civil war quilt and made the binding. I want to cut the back and batting and get it basted so I can take it with me on vacation for hand quilting.

I also worked on my Mystery Quilt from Hell.. I got the rest of the block pieces done and I am ready to put the blocks together. I have one up on my design board and will put a picture on this week.

Saturday was gardening day. Spent the entire day with DH in the yard. It needed some TLC. After all our hot weather, Saturday was a great day to be outside. Saturday nite DH and I watched a movie on TV after a nice dinner out on the patio.

Sunday I went to the mall with DH to help him find a bathing suit for our vacation. He has lost quite a bit of weight over the last couple of years but was still wearing the baggy bathing suit. We found a couple that he liked and I also found some shorts on clearance.

After shopping, I vacuumed my car (as I promised myself) and then headed to sew. I first shortened a pair of cordoroys for my DS and then did some REVERSE SEWING. Some of my progress on Friday nite needed to be undone. Must have been the glass of Pinot Grigio?!?> at Diane's. I did start the blocks for the Mystery Quilt and should have it finished in time for our guild's PIG Roast.

I like the idea that some of the blog gals have to spend at least an hour a day on quilting. Will give that a try.

LASTLY, I wanted to thank Patti for her super ideas on scrap management and all the helpful info I have gotten on her blog as well as Gail for her super ideas for practicing on the machine quilting frame. All of you blog gals have really added another dimension to my quilting experience. I feel like I'm back in HS gabbing with the the girls every day!!! HUGS to all of you..


Patti said...

So glad I could be of help Annie!

Where in Connecticut are you? ( I don't think I've asked you that before.) My daughter went to college at Connecticut College in New London. I was back there twice - once for her graduation and once to spend a little time with her a year later - only to learn that she missed the northwest too much and planned to move back in two months!

Dawn said...

OH I would love to see your little civil war quilt! Civil War quilts are my absolute favorites!

Linda_J said...

Mystery Quilt from Hell?? oh my this must be baaaaaaad.

I don't know that I could really do a mystery as I cannot even read one in a book without having to look ahead. I like knowing the end of a quilt, book and then enjoy the process from point a to point b.

Finn said...

Isn't the blog group of gals just the best????? I know I sure think so..and feel like they are true and genuine friends who are there when you need to "lean" a bit..*VBS*
So glad we are adding to your inspiration and keeping you humming along, Hugs, Finn *VBS*

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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