Thursday, August 10, 2006


I have been sticking religiously to the "hour a day of quilting" that many bloggers are following. This is in training for Judy L's scrap quilt which starts on Monday. My mystery quilt is going well. I was all set to start sewing the rows together when I found I was missing 32 additional sashing pieces which I thought were done. These darn instructions are horrible!! Luckily, I have a picture of the layout which led me to the discovery of the MIA pieces. I must add that each sashing piece has a flying geese unit on either end.. (I was wondering why I had a ziploc bag full of FGs!!)

So last night, after a board meeting for our guild, I dutifully sat down and put them together. I have a kitchen timer which I set for 60 minutes and when it goes off, I can stop or continue. I find that usually that's enough time to complete a step.

I also have my civil war quilt basted and ready to hand quilt. I am going to quilt on the diagonal a 1/4 inch off the ditch but would love suggestions for the border which is 3 inches and pink. Suggestions welcomed!!! I will be taking this on the plane for our vacation on Sunday and it will travel down the Colorado River with me on our white water rafting trip.. I figure it will keep me busy during our down time and I will be sticking to the "60 minutes" plan..

Will try to post pics of my progress on the Mystery Quilt before I leave on Sunday..


computerpeach said...

that is such a good idea.... i should try it - but don't know if I have an hour a day - maybe two hours a week will be a start.

Libby said...

Glad you figured out what those flying geese were for. Usually I give up on the mystery, use it for something else, then remember once it's too late.
Have a terrific time on your vacation. Northern Arizona is one of my favorite places.

Finn said...

Hi Annie, it's sounding good..the hour a day. And it does get stuff done.
When hand quilting for customers years ago, I'd force myself to quilt at least an hour a day. If I set the timer and didn't quit until I had accomplished the hour, I felt good, and it did get the quilt done faster...LOL
I used that same technique last winter to force myself to finish up a star quilt that I lagging worked..LOL. Have a great vacation!! Hugs, Finn

Anonymous said...

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