Thursday, July 20, 2006


I spent two hours last night out in the yard, weedin' the Garden of Eden. Several years ago, my DH and I decided to take all of the grass out of the backyard (which we both hated to mow) and put in a pond and gardens. The idea was that after all the plantings were done there would be little work to do!! LOL!! WHAT WAS I THINKING???? Although I now love the yard, I still spend a great deal of time out there. I do love to garden as does DH but things have gotten a little wild and crazy out there. DH loves orphan plants. He digs things up and brings them home and sometimes we are not sure what it is. For instance, the butterfly bush that he thought was lavender. So I find that I am now reevaluating the layout and needing to move plants that have outgrown their space. Of course, they can't be moved NOW so I have been attempting to tame the wild garden. I bring this up because the time I thought I would spend trimming HSTs yesterday was spent in the garden. Oh, well!!! In the spirit of gardening, I am posting a picture of a little quilt I made for a dear friend a few years ago. She is the ultimate gardener and at the time I made this for her, she was dealing with elderly parents and wild teenagers and had little time to garden. So, I made her garden that she could look at and not have to weed!!!

As for the HSTs for my little civil war quilt, they are trimmed and pressed and ready to be put together. Hopefully, I will have the top done by the end of the weekend.


Finn said...

I really like the garden quilt!! I think it's weeds, no cleaning up before winter. No hungry bunnies eating their way through..*VBS*

Great going on those HST's. Can hardly wait to see the little quilt..*VBS*

Nines said...

I agree with Finn. The quilt is a perfect garden! But you know, I have figured out that gardening is a lot like quilting- that it isn't all about the end result, but the process, that you have to love to make it all worth while. And there are always things that you would do differently, if you could. Bet the flowers look great, today!

Fiona said...

Wouldn't it be great to have time to do everything? At least quilt gardens are always at their best!

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