Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bridie's Batik jacket

Here is a picture of my niece and fairy goddaughter, Brigid. We call her Bridie. She is wearing her "Auntie Ann Jacket" which I recently made for her 3rd birthday. My SIL sent me this picture last week. Don't let that smile fool you!!! She is a little demon. Her brother and two sisters are TRIPLETS!!. After three babies at once, my SIL must have been possessed to have another!! She is spoiled rotten by all in our family !!!

I was inspired by Finn (http://finnleah.blogspot.com ) to pull out an old UFO kit that I started last winter after she showed off her new civil war fabric purchases. I want to report that I am making good progress on the HSTs that make up this project. Now, I know why I put it away!! I hate HSTs!!! This quilt is approximately 16 x 20 and totally made up of HSTs in 1.5 and 3.5 inches. As I was sewing and the little devils were being sucked periodically into my machine, I muttered on more than one occasion "Finn!!!" However, finally light dawned and I remembered that I had forgotten to change out the plate to a single hole on the machine. Once that was done, I moved along quickly. I can report that I have a large pile of HSTs waiting to be pressed and trimmed. I hope to have them done by week's end and can start putting the rows together and post pics of my progress..


Finn said...

Hi Ann, what a gorgeous child Bridie is..*VBS* And the jacket is awesome too!! How neat for it to be called Aunt Ann's Jacket..*VBS*

Sorry to hear of your HST woes(wicked grin) but I'll just bet changing that throat plate made all the difference...and now on with the show..*VBS*
I would have to agree with you that HST's have been a pain in my side for decades..LOL. And 1.5" is baaaaaaaaaaad!!
But you're coming along, and how nice to make progress on a UFO. That Cabin in the Pines has been laying around unquilted for about 8 or 9 years now. I'm happy it's done, and I did put a hanging sleeve on it. Maybe it will actually got "hung"...LOL Hang in there, Hugs, Finn

Patti said...

Welcome to blogland Ann! I found you through Finn's posting today.

I LOVE to make quilts with half square triangles! I do it an easy way - check out a recent posting on my blog that shows how. I'm going to post something showing the backside and talking about pressing as soon as I find time - hopefully in the next couple days.

Nines said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! The jacket reminds me of a batik one that I made for my daughters' a few years back- I was in a jacket rut- I think it was 15 that winter. I can't imagine why... or how.... Good luck with the UFO's, but quilting is "the great unfinished business." And you have to take the bitter with the sweet!

Anonymous said...

The jacket is just great - perfect for a little girl whether she's demon or angel LOL. HSTs - eventually you'll love 'em - they're just so darn useful!

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