Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My Oriental Jacket

This is a jacket that I made in a class about a month ago. The pattern is called Mismatched Jacket. I love oriental style fabrics and have been collecting it for a while. When I saw this jacket, my orientals called to me. The original jacket has a typical quilters' binding on the collar but I when Istarted to put my binding on the japanese writing ran right down the front and around the collar and I knew I couldn't turn that to the inside. SEW.. I fiddled with it so that the collar stands up like a Mandarin Collar and the Japanese writing can be seen runnning down the front facing. I don't know what it says but I hope it says "FINALLY FINISHED A PROJECT IN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS" :)!!!

The pics are not close and I will try to add others showing more detail. I have done some beading on it but the consensus is that it is not enuf ( is it ever enuf???!!) So I will take a few more pictures when I am done.

This little jacket is perfect for the office during the summer with the AIR CONDITIONING BATTLE between myself and the BIG BOSS. He is Lebanese and always HOT, I am Irish and always FREEZING unless it is is 80 or above. I was pleased with the result and will probably make a couple more. The jacket, once cut only takes about an hour or so to make.


Anonymous said...

I love those colours and the Japanese writing fabric is perfect! Those simple style jackets always look good!

Finn said...

What a great little jacket! Your colors are just charming, and so much is happening, you just have to keep looking to see what else is there...LOL

And I wanted to thank you for the very, very nice comment and compliment over at my place..*VBS* You have me blushing...awwww gee whiz...*S*
I'm happy if something I made, or said, or shared "spoke" to you...that's better than a blue ribbon to me..anyday. The little quilt in vintage fabic with plaids, etc. was alot of fun to make. Home alone in the evenings listening to the state basketball tournament in Madison. I really dislike crowds, but am happy to hear how the kids did.

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