Sunday, July 30, 2006


My good friend, Diane, has done something that most of us only dream of. She opened a quilt shop, Clover Hill Quilts, in Kensington, CT. Diane's mom, Peggy, a.k.a. Mema, has been helping out in the shop since the opening. Mema was always a sewer but never a quilter. Of course, spending so much time around quilters she has been infected with the quilting bug.

On Friday mornings, a group of us meet at Clover Hill and sew, drink coffee, gab, wait for the UPS man to bring new fabric and of course, buy more fabric. This past Friday, we celebrated Mema's 70th birthday.
(She doesn't look a day over 30!!!!) This is a picture of the Birthday Girl and the Redwork pillow I made for her to celebrate her special day and her dive into the quilting pool. (And I do mean dive, Mema is working on her third quilt. She has only been quilting for a couple of months!!!) I found this "Quilter's Blessing" on Bonnie's website and thought it was appropriate for our newest member.

Happy Birthday Mema!!  Posted by Picasa


Finn said...

Love the picture and the pillow. What a great tribute to MeMa..!! may she celebrate many, many more birthdays as quilter!! *VBS*

May Britt said...

What a lovely gift you have made. I'm sure MeMa was very pleased with it.
Hugs from Norway

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