Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fabric Painting with Michele Scott, The Pieceful Quilter

Our guild, Apple Valley Quilters, had Michele Scott, come to Connecticut for a fabric painting workshop. Our Prez, Debbie, was kind enough and crazy enough to let us set up in her backyard and paint. These are some pictures of what I did that day. The first is an example of sunpainting which was easy!! Once I painted the prepared fabric, (PFD fabric) I placed leaves, ferns or whatever on the fabric and let it dry... That was it. Michele had a quilt made with 8 inch blocks with ferns in each one. It was fabulous.

My second picture is an example of painting the fabric and folding it so it drys with creases. The third picture is a landscape which Michele painted and gave to me. She didn't think it came out well!?! We spent the first part of the morning learning different techniques for painting fabric and then the afternoon, Michele focused on painting landscapes. The last picture is a half yard that I painted using the pearlescent paints. This picture doesn't show it well but the colors are fabulous and has a sheen to it.

This is not the same as dyed fabric. With painted fabric, the paint is heat set and is basically on the surface. You wouldn't want to use this for quilts that will get a lot of washing or clothing for kids. The friction from wearing and the washer and dryer will eventually wear the paint down. But Michele has washed her quilts on a delicate cycle and line dried. I like her philosophy that quilts are to be used and will eventually wear out. But this fabric is perfect for wall hangings and is easy to do.

I am sewww happy I have finally figured out how to get my pictures loaded. I have more to show next week of my redwork pillow which is finished. I am also happy to report that my HSTs are now blocks. Unfortunately, I am not the most accurate quilter so my 2 1/2 inch blocks needed to be trimmed a bit more to make them all square... Oh, well, the mini quilt will just be a Micro mini quilt!!

I was happy to see that my blog gals had checked in on me. I am still here!! I am headed for the beach today with DH. This will be the first wearing of the dreaded swimsuit since last year. EEEEKK!!

Tomorrow I am headed to a local quilt show with my friend, Debbie. I will take pics and post so you can see some of our local talent. I will try not to spend too much $$$. But as I told one of my blog gals, I had already made a date to "fall off the wagon"...

Hope everyone has a great weekend.! Keep cool!!! It's supposed to be in the 90's here this weekend...

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EileenKNY said...

Michelle Scott spoke at a quilt show I went to last fall. What a hoot she is! She's also a speed quilter, she finishes so many things.
Have fun at the beach and quilt show.

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