Friday, June 09, 2006


I am finding it more and more difficult to eke out time for my quilting. I have pretty much given up on the house cleaning- doing it in Paul Revere fashion; as in THE IN-LAWS ARE COMING!!! THE IN-LAWS ARE COMING!!

I try to enter my "Garden of Eden" every night for at least an hour but I am usually interrupted or faced with other things that need doing such as hemming my husband's Dockers. I should put him in the circus - Come see the Man with the Shortest Legs on Earth!! (but the Biggest Heart!!)

I also have previous Quilting commitments that need to be finished such as my "Ode to String" quilt challenge for my Guild due on Tuesday for the Guild picnic, (which I will post when completed) the Hospice quilts we are giving to the local nursing home (due end of June), the preparation of my demo of fabric weaving that I promised to do for my Guild (Committed to it in December for July meeting-where did the six months go?)

I also made a promise to myself in January to complete all my unfinished projects ( at the time there were about 10) before starting any new ones . I have made progress on three of them but none are totally finished and, of course, I have started several others and signed up for two other classes.

I have SEW many quilting ideas and concepts that I want to experience and explore but there are only 24 hours in a day and unfortunately, sleep takes up some ( though I have tried getting up an hour earlier and quilting with some success) and of course, since I'm not independently wealthy, I must go to work every day until I hit the Lottery. I guess that in quilting as in life you may never tie up all the loose ends.....

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