Friday, July 08, 2011

Bag Lady

Since last I blogged, I spent a great weekend with my sis who was visiting from Florida at the Vermont Quilt Show. It was 4.5 hours to get there from Connecticut so it was a first and last time visit for me! The show was celebrating its 30 anniversary. This year I have been to about 5 different shows and this one was quite traditional but great fun.  I also spent some time with my other sibs celebrating my mom's 75th birthday.

Here are the five of us with our dear mom!  The skinny one on the end is my sis from Florida. We all hate her for her damn skinniness!!

While at the Vermont show, I fell victim to another bag pattern.  I say, ANOTHER, as I'm known as somewhat of a bag lady in my group of acquaintances. Not that I have lots of bags but that I have lots of bag PATTERNS!  I have thought of just sewing the patterns together and making a bag cause I have sooo many of them.  But this time, I actually made the bag!!  I wanted to make a beach bag for my NJ friend, Susie, to give to her when we visited over the 4th of July weekend.  I had the fabric set aside for some time just for her bag.  This pattern is called the Chubby Charmer bag.  It uses 48 charm squares. I substituted the striped fabric for a couple of the charm rows.  It is a HUGE bag with pockets inside and it went together pretty quickly. We all know that some pattern designers are not blessed with great instruction writing skills but this one was really well written and I had no problems at all.  I followed the instructions precisely but next time round would make a couple of changes. I would add a loop and button to close it and I would add a couple of skinny pockets inside for sunglasses and sunscreen.

Here is a pic of the bag which sadly is now living in NJ. ( I almost didnt' give it to her cause I loved it sooo much!!)
  And here is a  pic of the bag and the other sad bag patterns that are waiting anxiously to be made.


Debra Spincic said...

You and your sis definitely look like sisters! and your mom doesn't look 75 either.

lillianscupboard said...

As an almost-79-year-old, I'm jealous of how young your mother looks. Also jealous of the skinny sister and of your ability to make such a great bag.

Kay said...

You look great yourself! So glad you had a good trip.

YankeeQuilter said...

The Vermont show is on my bucket list (too many weddings this summer to get to anything on the list!)

I have a rather large collection of bag patterns too...I think it may be an illness!

Anonymous said...

I've made a couple of these and I love the change you've made to the pattern. Thx for a great idea.

Sandy said...

Lucky friend-nice bag. I'm a sucker for bag patterns too. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope you get to try sunprinting again.