Friday, February 05, 2010

this and that and another thing

Well, here it is Friday again! I just seem to be in perpetual motion and a half step behind lately. I didn't get the pics posted as promised last weekend so here they are !

First, the 5 cases I made for Operation Pillowcase. Ladies, if you have time go over to the blog Debra set up and make a pillowcase or two. They are fun and easy and for a great cause!

The other project I promised was the top I finished for my greatniece, Bella's 2nd birthday in May. I will put this on the frame next month and get it done ahead of schedule. That will be a first!
Here is the top!

And here is Bella! This picture was taken last week. She is such a cutie and that's not just an Auntie bragging!

Finally, here are the three hats I've knitted for Warmth for Warriors. They haven't been blocked yet but once that's done they are headed to the soldiers in Afganistan as helmet liners. The pattern is on their website and this one is ADDICTING! Not only have I made these three but one for my son which is on its way to Colorado and I'm just about done with another one for my hubby. Super simple and fun to do on circular needles when you are watching TV.
And speaking of TV, I am now in the thick of my TV watching season. I've always been a fan of Project Runway and have started watching the episodes on my Tivo (so far, so good) and have added Models of the Runway but I think I'm going to drop this one. They are just not that interesting. Hmm, go figure!
In addition, my trainer has me watching the Biggest Loser. I never understood why people watched it but now I've been sucked into it. It's a good one to watch while chain-piecing.
BUT I'm super excited because Survivor Heroes v. Villains will be starting next week and the Amazing Race is about to begin. Of course, add to that, Medium, The Good Wife, Brothers & Sisters, The Middle, Modern Family, CSI, Leverage and 24. Wheww! I may have to give up sleeping. Well, I am not a big fan of Winter as you all know so this is when I hibernate, watch TV, quilt and knit.

Lastly, my weekend project. This is the Fall lap quilt I made for my DH two years ago. It's one of the Pigs from the Poke and it will be quilted this weekend. I used a flannel backing so it will keep him toasty warm.

Hope you all have great weekend plans!


Libby said...

I have plans in the works for some pillow cases. I know I have 3 yards of some cowboy fabric that failed muster in a recent baby quilt -Mommy wanted a different colorway. It will make fabulous cases.
Your tv list is as long as ours - I'm going to be glued to the set during the Olympics, then catching up with all the recorded things from the dvr. Winter will be long over by the time I'm caught up *s*

Kay said...

Well you're certainly busy! Like your bookshelf too, by the way. Good to hear from you. All those are great projects.

Debra said...

Everything looks great! Thanks for the pillowcases!

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