Friday, February 20, 2009

More February Finishes

I have finished two more of the piggies hanging around in the poke. The first is the Round the World wall hanging. I did some cross hatch quilting and a simple FM heart border and it is finished and ready to hang.

I also finished one of my summer totes. This is an Indigo Junction pattern and super easy! It will make a great bag to carry my lunch to work in this spring and summer. I have two others ready to go but will probably put them to the side to work on a couple of more pressing projects.

This weekend I hope to get a purse made that I have been wanting to do using a felted sweater. I want to get to use it before the winter is over. Based on this week, I don't see winter ending soon. Monday we got 3 inches and last night we got 3 more! Rumor has it that Sunday is supposed to drop a few more inches of the white stuff on us.
I also want to get moving on my goddaughter, Bridie's, fairy quilt. Her birthday is the end of March and I want to get it to her before she gets too old!!
Lastly, here is a picture of Mr. B. He is sitting on my quilting table, his usual perch, where he likes to watch me iron. He is fascinated by the steam. Hope everyone has a super weekend.

Quilt til you wilt!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Bob and I went out to dinner and to the Hartford Symphony to hear Beethoven's 3rd "Eroica". It was a wonderful night out.

I finished my Flower Power quilt just in time for Valentine's Day and have it hanging in my hallway. Don't know why I didn't finish it sooner. All it needed was a bit of quilting, the binding and the sleeve ( which were both done!) This is the first deletion from my Pigs in the Poke list. I hope to have the Round the World wallhanging finished early next week. This is another one that needed just a bit of quilting, binding and sleeve.

I got together with my Friday quilting gals this past Friday. We haven't done it in sooo long and are trying to get back in the swing. I made super progress on the summer tote bags that are on my list. Again, a super easy project that got stalled. Hmmm, I guess I am easily distracted! I have to say that these projects were done in duplicate or triplicate. I made the Round the World for a swap and liked it enough to make one for myself. Guess I just didn't have the steam needed to finish it. Ditto for the bags. But now, I will have one for me and an extra for a quick quilty gift when I need it.

At our last guild meeting, we had our annual Teacup Raffle. I'm not sure where the name came from but basically we all bring gently used magazines, patterns, books, tools, fabric etc that we don't want and then we sell tickets hoping to win someone else's stuff. My DH thinks we are out of our minds but we have a wonderful time and raise a little cash.

I stuffed one particular teacup with all of my tickets and won!! Here it is a pile of wool just waiting to be felted. There has to be at least 5 yards of it! That will hit the washing machine this week.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Last weekend, Bob and I got together with our NJ friends down at the casino for a Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes concert (that's Johnny above). That is actually where Bob first met Susie and Ron, who have become great friends of ours. Here's a picture I took of Southside Susie and my DH or as she calls him "Boyfriend Bob".

We all stayed overnight in the area and then they came to our house for another night. We spent time listening to music, hunting through the local Goodwill stores and went out for a nice dinner. Miss you guys already!

I did get the borders on my spool quilt and pieced the back. This is now ready for quilting!

I was bopping around blogland and came across Finn's pictures of her string blocks. I have been working on some with leftover batik strips from my jacket. I've been using old dryer sheets for foundations. So I thought I would post a pic of some I've finished.

Got some other projects almost finished and hope to post again after the weekend.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Blocks, Buttons & Borders

Those three words were my quilting goals for today when I got out of bed. The first thing was to cut two friendship blocks out of batiks. These blocks will go into a quilt for the gal who has organized our guild's quilt retreat for the last 7 years. These photos aren't the greatest but you get the idea.

The second was buttons. I needed to add the button eyes to my snowman quilt. Of course, I only found 7 black buttons in my button jar and you can't have a one-eyed snowman so while out running errands today I stopped at Joannes and got some more. I gave these guys the gift of sight while watching the basketball game.

I never got to the borders. I hoped to add the borders to my spool quilt but my quilting time ran out! Oh well, another day.

This last picture is of all of my snowguys just above the shelf where my snowman quilt now lives. I decided to leave them out this winter til the snow melts which could be a good long time since we received an additional 4 inches today.

I also got another pair of mittens finished toward my goal. They are black and white to go with the hat I showed in my last post.

All in all, a very satisfying day off! I made two meatloafs- one for dinner tonight and one to freeze as well as two pumpkin cranberry breads.

Next up is a little Valentines' Day quilt that needs a bit more quilting and a binding as well as my around the world wallhanging. I hope to have these done by the end of the weekend.

I also just ordered the Block a Day Perpetual calendar from Amazon as well as the Quilt National book from Amazon. I got them both used and really cheap! I've been following Jeanne's progress with this calendar and finally decided to join her.

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