Saturday, August 08, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

This is my one and only quilting finish this summer. There are so many other distractions when the weather turns sunny and warm that quilting takes a back seat for me. I did get this one quilted and bound. I pieced the top back in January, 2007 at our guild's RI retreat as well as another more autumny( is that a word?) top which I am ready to load on my frame when we get a rainy day. Until then, I am doing some hand quilting while I watch TV or reading. I just finished "Little Bee" which was recommended on someone's blog and really enjoyed it.

We just got back from our weekend in Baltimore where we watched our Red Sox beat the stuffing out of the Orioles. Camden Yards is a great ballpark and we had fabulous seats for both of the games.

While I was in Baltimore, I finally got to meet The Calico Cat (Amy) as well as her hubby and of course, the Calico Kitten, Jacob. He is sooo cute and was very good during our sushi lunch. Amy is one of the lucky gals whose hubby is fabulous with the baby. It was fun to spend a couple of hours together talking about babies, the pros and cons of family vacations, and of course, quilting. I hope my next trip Amy and I will get to fondle some fabric!

This weekend has been spent cleaning and doing some needed maintenance work in the garden. I did receive our guild's newsletter which had details about our Annual Gathering in October. Carol Doak will be teaching classes and there was news of a retreat in March. On Tuesday, some of our members are getting together for dinner and an evening of shopping at a local quilt shop. I see more fabric in my future!
Lastly, for those who have emailed me about my son, thanks for your concern. He is getting back into the swing of things. The ringing in his ear is gone, he had the stitches removed and he is pretty much back to normal. Oh and he bought himself a nice new helmet to wear!

Hope everyone is enjoying these lazy days of summer!


YankeeQuilter said...

Sounds like you had a great time in Baltimore...I'll be at Fenway Thursday. Here's hoping the Sox do better than they did against NY!

Kathie said...

we were in Baltimore too last weekend!
YES to see the Red Sox play and for me to finally get to see the Baltimore album quilts!
wish I would have know you and Amy were going to be there I would have love to met you too!
Kathie nj

Debra said...

Nice to see you didn't fall out of the blogosphere! One finish is better than no finish, right?

laura west kong said...

That's a great quilt ... I love the soft but bright colors!

Anonymous said...

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Libby said...

Even if you're not doing much in the way of quilting - it sounds like you are having a good summer. What fun to meet C.A. on your trip *s* I'm so glad to hear the Alex is recovering well and has a new helmet!

julieQ said...

Such a pretty quilt! A great finish. Looks like you have had some fun this summer!

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