Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finally PIctures!!

My DH finally got a camera, a Kodak Easy Share. I personally found loading the pics from the camera to my computer anything but easy! Well, I guess there is a learning curve.

While Hubby was at Mohegan Sun for a nite out with the boys, I took some pictures of things in progress. Here is a picture of the shams I made to go with the Dizzy Diamonds quilt.

They were pretty easy to make. And can I say that the guys who invented Google deserve every penny they make! Thank you for making one place where I can find everything, including a link to a site that gave me directions to make shams!

And remember the 2nd Round Robin I'm doing?? Well we exchanged our 12 x12 blocks at the meeting on Tuesday and when I saw what everyone had done I was sort of embarassed! My block was lacking and I will admit I really rushed to get it together. So, this weekend I emailed the gal who works on my block first and told her to hold off so I could make another and redeem myself. Here it is! It's paper pieced and then I added the borders with the Japanese writing. I don't know what it says or even if it's words. But I think it looks really cool!

I also have all the blocks together for my summer quilt. The block name is "Rusty's Block".
It goes together super easy but the layout was another thing. I had the layout for a lap and I am making a queen. I finally made copies of the lap layout and cut out all the little blocks and pasted them into a 6 x 5 layout. I'm happy with it. Now to add borders! I also completed 20 9patch blocks for the Mystery quilt that Life's a Stitch is running. This is going to be a twin quilt. I put together about 5 of them and THEN I measured them. Now I haven't done any block piecing in a while so I was a bit surprised to learn that my quarter inch foot is really more than a 1/4 inch. The blocks I made measured 8 1/4 not 8 1/2! Sew, I UNSEWED the five blocks, made an adjustment and then continued on. I guess I should be glad I only had made 5!

I also went out this weekend and bought fabric for new valances, a new window seat ushion (that hides the cat hair better) and coordinating pillows for my living room. I was in need of a new area rug which I bought a week or so ago and as the story goes, once you get one new thing everything else looks old and tired.

Whewww well that's it! My coworker is on vacation for the rest of this week so I will be buried in my office til the weekend. Have a happy week!!


Joyce said...

I just bought an EasyShare too but only the camera. I just take out the card and pop it into my laptop. I also have a little card reader that fits into the USB port. Easy peasy.
Your new block is fantastic.

Libby said...

Look at you go! I love 'em all *s*

Susaneta said...

Love the Kimono bit too - and you're right about the writing - adds that extra pizazz!

Finn said...

Wow Annie girl, you are some stitching lady! Love the shams,never thought to Google how to do them..LOL
And Hurray for Rusty's quilt, it's coming beautifully...never mind how you figured it out, you did it,and tha's what counts! A high five for a new camera too...way to go! Keep stitching! Hugs, Finn

Diana said...

You are so busy! I love that paper pieced block for the round robin; it'll be interesting to see what gets added to it.

Elaine Adair said...

I have an Easy Share and really love it, but I have to admit, I did not have the faintest idea of what I bought until DH and I broke down and did a self-study course over 2 weeks. The downloading is the EASIEST, for me, but I think there are several levels of Easy Share. Mine came with a great program, etc. I connect my camera to my computer via cable into the USB place (I think that's the name ...) Good luck and thanks for all photos of gorgeous projects. 8-)

diva of quilts said...

You've just been tagged! Check my blog for the details. ^_^

Debra said...

that Blue Block has a great place to add machine embroidery. . . .*wink* (you need another machine, right?)

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