Saturday, December 08, 2007

I've opened the Door to Christmas

I have opened the door and let Christmas in! There are things about the holiday season that I don't like, which I ranted about last week. But I am taking a good friend's advice and just concentrating on the parts that I love- the decorating, the baking, the music, and the joy of sharing gifts with the important people in my life.
My DH and I went to see Wynonna Judd's Christmas show on Thursday night. It was really great. She has a wonderful voice and sang lots of classic carols. It was a nice way to start the Christmas season.
We have just about finished our decorating. The trees are up and so far the kitties haven't attempted to climb them. Here they are being angelic!! They usually sleep together then the mutual licking begins which always ends with someone biting someone and then the wrestling starts just like siblings.

Many of you have been sharing your favorite ornaments or Christmas decorations. I found this when we were decorating. I have it hanging in my sewing room where I can see it. It has been with me for 49 years - My first Christmas stocking! I retired it from active duty several years ago and I have another for my goodies. This one really brings back my childhood holidays. All of my brothers and sisters had one but I think I am the only one who still has the original. My mom always put a quarter and a tangerine in the toe of our stocking. We may not have received much some years but those two items were always there. We were allowed to open our stockings before Mom and Dad got up. The stockings were always put at the foot of our beds. I think it was Mom's way of grabbing a few extra minutes of sleep before we attacked the presents under the tree.

Today I am home finishing my super secret challenge quilt which will be revealed tomorrow at my guild's Christmas party. I am also making Magic Cookie Squares. Thanks Libby for the idea. They are super easy and super good!!

We had an ice/snow/sleet storm last night so the roads are pretty bad but luckily I switched my off day with another gal in the office and don't have to leave the house today, which is ok with me!!

Everyone have a great day!!


The Calico Cat said...

Oh Ann Marie... How sweet. (Did you know that one of the fabric purveyors has a fabric bundle packaged in a similar stocking? They probably still have it at our over priced fabric shop. I'll have to look - so I can send you a snap shot.)

"They usually sleep together then the mutual licking begins which always ends with someone biting someone and then the wrestling starts just like siblings."
Par for the course... RB is a bit rough for Rhapsody & She assumes the worst - which happens a lot, so they bicker...

Libby said...

Oh I can just imagine all the treasures that must have been delivered in that wonderful stocking *s* We used to find a tangerine and a few walnuts in the toe of ours, too. Have a Magic cookie for me *s*

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