Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday greetings from across the Pond

Over the last couple of days, I have received unexpected surprises from my internet gals in England.

I received this lovely Postcard from my friend, Christine, who was my exchange pal in ArtWeMail over the summer. She is the gal who sent me the lovely bag and beautiful Liberty fabric. She is super talented as you can see!

I also received this lovely snowflake card from my blogging buddy, Kate North. If you have not checked out Kate's blog, please do!! She is a really creative lady! Her card arrived ironically on my doorstep yesterday afternoon following my 2 1/2 hour drive home from work in a snowstorm. It started snowing around 11 am and when I left work at 1:30 there was about 4 inches on the ground. I arrived home at 4:00 to Kate's Snowflake card.

I also received two lovely redwork patterns from Anne at Quilting Bebbs. She generously offered them in exchange for fabric. They are absolutely adorable and if I start them right now I might even have them finished for Christmas! Christmas of 2008, that is!! If you follow Anne's blog you know how super busy her life is with kids, a DH and a job. How she finds time to quilt is beyond me! I think she might have found a quilting elf that comes in the night and helps her! Is that true, Anne???

The first storm has passed (which was called "Winter Storm Alexander", we like to name our storms in the U.S. for some reason)and we have shoveled out but there is another storm expected on Saturday night which the weather guys are calling a Nor'easter. This one will be a mixed bag of snow, sleet, and ice. Oh the joys of living in the Northeast!

Thanks for all of your great comments about my Convergence quilt. I didn't know that there were others who were not familiar with Ricky Tims. He came up with the convergence concept. Check out his blog!! The quilt that I did is based on the traditional convergence which takes four pieces of fabric which are joined then cut into strips vertically, moved around and sewn back together vertically. After that you give it a quarter turn and you cut it into strips on the horizontal, moving them around and sew them together. The book is called Convergence Quilts. My DH shook his head when I explained it to him. He doesn't "get" the cutting up and sewing back together concept!! LOL

I have a pretty long list of errands today and I am having dinner with some quilting friends tonight so I better scurry!!

Thanks again to my English friends for adding some special cheer to the last few days!! Happy Christmas to all of you!

And, I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Screen Door said...

Either you've treated Quilters really nicely or just the mailman because sounds like lots of surprises are coming your way--- quilting gifts are really special--- enjoy them.

katelnorth said...

Annie, I see you received my mutant snowflake card - did you notice it has seven arms? Oh well, looks ok despite that, but it does make me laugh - I almost kept it myself for that reason! Love your Frost Convergence Quilt...

Libby said...

Wow - those are some great postcards . . . I keep threatening to try my hand at one *s*
Please go out and play in the snow for me . . .make a snow angel and a snowball - that's just what I would do.

anne bebbington said...

Er no Anne - but I'd appreciate an ironing fairy if one of those exists :o) because whilst I'm stitching there's precious little of the other gets done. The fabrics arrived yesterday - thank you so much - you've been very generous and they're all lovely

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