Monday, November 12, 2007

Forgot my camera!!

Yep, left in the morning and forgot my camera. But that was ok, had a camera at work that I could take to the meeting. Yep, left work and forgot the camera! so no pictures of the Pigs today.. but, one gal was organized enough to have her camera and took pictures so she is going to send me the pics and when received I will post them. We had a tremendous response to our PIG project. There were 5 gals who participated with 2 of these ladies finishing 2 or more UFO's as they are commonly known. We had a viewer's choice award and all participants got FQs of Olivia the Pig fabric!

My mom is coming to town to visit on her way to Florida for the winter. I won't be seeing her for the holidays so we are getting together this week so not much sewing will be done. Back after the weekend!!


Libby said...

Rats - no camera *s* Enjoy your visit with your mom - sewing will always wait.

katelnorth said...

They have fabric of Olivia the Pig? No way. We love Olivia the Pig, as our household contains Olivia the Daughter who is remarkably like Olivia the Pig. Hmm, will have to go Pig Hunting, I think!

Finn said...

Hi Annie, missing ya! Hope you are having a wonderful time with Mom...and that Turkey Day was festive! Time sure does fly by doesn't it? Sunday 11/25
hugs, Finn

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