Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Quilty Show and Tell and a little Catch up!

I haven't been doing much in the way of quilting. I love summer too much and love being outdoors and we have had a pretty busy summer schedule. Just got back from New Jersey where we spent a few days visiting with friends in Long Branch and Neptune. We will be headed back to New Jersey on the 15th for a week on Cape May right on the beach! What a way to bring summer to an end!

My son, Alex, was home last week to celebrate his 21st birthday. He did so in style and gave his dear old Mom and Dad a couple of gray hairs. He decided to go sky diving!! I held my tongue and let him make his decision. He had talked about it from time to time but now he had the money saved from working this summer and decided to take the plunge. I must say the DVD that he brought back was fabulous. It was a (hopefully) once in a lifetime experience. He is now settled back at college in Vermont and we won't see him again til October when we make a visit.

I am still working on a doll quilt (don't worry, Dandylion, I haven't forgot you!!) as well as some postcards due out the end of September and the Round Robin which really hasn't gone round too much! The gals in the group are pretty laid back, maybe we are a little too laid back, but the next exchange is hopefully next week at our first guild meeting for the year. Now that September is here I will be settling in and doing more quilting.

But I do have quilty show and tell!! This little beauty arrived yesterday from Libby as part of her Pay it Forward. After a frustrating day at work, her package arrived just at the right time. I have teased Libby in the past about her quilts made up of "little bits". She sent this to me with a wonderful note that really made my day!! My husband loved it and commented that it was really nice that "someone you don't know" would send such a nice quilt. I told him that, on the contrary, I do know Libby, thanks to her blog and our occasional emails and count her among one of my best blogger friends!! Thanks again Libby for this beautiful quilt! I am currently working on my Pay it Forward projects which I promised for the end of October.

In addition to Libby's quilt, I received this lovely bag in the mail yesterday from Christine in England. She is a part of the ArtWeMail group and this was a surprise exchange. Early in August, she and I were partnered for this exchange and we sent each other a little package of goodies such as fabric and embellishments. The second part of the exchange was to make something for each other using one of the items sent. I had sent her the mauve fabric and the fabric used in the triangles which is purple with butterflies, very Art Nouveau. She sent me this fabulous bag which I have already used to tote my books to and from the library. They say great minds think alike and it must be so because I just sent a bag to her as her surprise!! I hope she loves hers as much as I love mine!

Well, that's it from here! I hope to have some pics of things I have finished to post after the weekend.


Screen Door said...

What awesome gifts---There just a special feeling when you receive a quilted item, don't you think? It's almost indescribable...what a couple of treasures...

The Calico Cat said...

Love the quilt that you got from Libby. (I still need to make one of those of my own...)

"take the plunge."
No pun intended, huh?

The Calico Cat said...

Oh & I am still waiting on the binding fairy to arrive on my door step... :o)

Angie said...

What a great day to have received two such wonderful gifts!! They are both beautiful! Enjoy!

Finn said...

Hi Annie, good to see your post again! Sounds like it was a wonderful summer...*VBS* Great gifts in the mail, and couldn't happen to a nicer person..*S*
Enjoy what remains before the autumn catches up with us...hugs, Finn

Libby said...

Yippee! I'm glad the little quilt made it.
More importantly I'm glad that you survived the 21st birthday . . . that was one of the hardest for this mom. I just felt like all my mothering was over. HA! Little did I know I would continue to get calls - on everything from recipes to brand advice. I'm so glad . . . I guess I get to be a mom forever *s*

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