Saturday, March 17, 2007

This is March ??!??



Here is a picture of my yard yesterday afternoon. We got about 14 inches of snow, sleet and rain between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. By noon, today the sun was out and the melting had begun. The last gasp of Winter, I hope.

I don't really mind since this weekend is the beginning of MARCH MADNESS. My DH and I are huge Women's Basketball fans! Go UConn Huskies!! The first and second rounds are this weekend and we will be glued to the TV all day. Yesterday I cut the pieces for my spring/summer quilt and I have a table set up in front of the TV so I can sew and watch BBall at the same time..

I am also posting pictures of my February Journal page. My idea is to do something every month based on the calendar and try a new technique or style of quilting that I have never done. You may remember that January was a little landscape called "Left Behind". This month's theme is Crazy Quilting . In addition to February being the month of Valentine's Day, it is also the month my DH and I were married. February 20th, it was 24 years. On the block, you may be able to see a little piece with our names and the date we were married. I call this one "Still Crazy After All These Years". I spent a good 20 hours on this 8 x 11 1/2 page and could have spent 10 more hours! Crazy quilting is addicting!! I really enjoyed the process but felt a little pressured with a deadline for the class. In addition, I was able to meet Judy of Sunshine Quilts challenge to use a fabric that had been in my stash for about 3 years. The peacock feather fabric is a Liberty FQ that I had not been able to cut into. I LOVE this fabric and actually would pull it out and pet it, it's sooo soft. But, I cut it and used it! Not only in the front where you see just little bits of it, but I used it for the backing of the page. I now need to start on my March page which of course will be IRISH IN NATURE! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Libby said...

No basketball here, so I'll just root for your team *s* Love the title of your February piece . . . I always try to find a song to sum up my feelings to play for anniversarys - a fun challenge every year.

Screen Door said...

Remember March leaves like a lamb. The crazy quilting is beautiful. Snuggle up--- stay warm.

Conni Lu said...

I don't envy your snowy weather and I hope your warm spring air returns soon. :D
My DH is a Bball fan, all kinds, college, pro, men, women, he watches it all, his fave team is Indiana Univ. IU - go Big Red.
I haven't started crazy quilting yet but I have a little stash going so that someday I will pull them out and create a little something. Have a nice Sunday!

Diana said...

Your crazy quilt journal page is just beautiful. How brave of you to cut into your favorite fabric--it looks so good with all the others.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I an blown away by the 14 inches of snow! WOW. Your yard looks beautiful. I love your journal idea, the crazy quilt looksgreat. Tracey

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