Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This little Piggy is back from Quilt Market

I am back from Houston and all I can say is WoWWWw!! It was exhausting, exciting, inspiring and lots of fun!!! I want all of you to know that you went with me in spirit. As I was looking at all of the fantastic quilts with workmanship which was unbelieveably perfect, I was taking pictures with all of you in mind -the piecers, the kitty lovers, the nature lovers, the appliquers, the traditional and the mavericks. I will be posting pictures as Blogger allows and hope that I captured something that will inspire everyone.

Here is a picture of the four of us - I'm on the left! We spent all of Friday at Schoolhouse which was 15 minute and 30 minute demos or presentations (15 different sessions) on everything from A-Z in the quilting industry. I attended presentations by fabric designers, Jean Wells on her new book, many different pattern designers, Barbara Brackman on her feelings regarding the Underground Railroad and the use of quilts, etc., etc.

Friday nite was "Sample Spree". This is definitely NOT for the fainthearted!! I picked up some FQs and a jelly roll of strips at Moda's table. A preview of their spring line! I also bought some great stitchery patterns and beads as well as FQ bundles.

I'll fill you in on more of our adventures and my purchases later but now for some quilts!!!! I was humbled and inspired by the imagination, artistic talent and workmanship of the quilters presenting this year.

I'm going to start with a quilt that will please the piecers and kitty lovers as well. This quilt is called "Kitty Corner" made by Janet Fogg.

This quilt was approximately queen size. The black diamonds were all quilted with feathers.

This is a closeup of Kitty! I think any dog in her vicinity would run!!!

The next quilt is one of two quilts made by Michiko Takauwa of Japan. IQA had a special exhibit of her quilts that took your breath away. This one I took for Libby who is working so diligently on her hexagons. It is called "Eternal Flower Basket" and is made up of 163,128 HEXAGONS. The first picture is of the entire quilt which was approximately queen sizeand the second picture is a closeup of some of the hexagons that made up the flowers in the basket. Each petal of each flower contained hexagons that made up a basket of flowers. I can't imagine how long it took this unbelievably talented quilter to put this quilt together. I have picture of another of her amazing quilts which I will share but Blogger has been extremely SLOW in loading pics so I will save it for another day.

Well, hope these have whet your appetite. I will try to load a few more over the next few days. Now back to reality, laundry beckons!!


Libby said...

Oh my word -- I just can't imagine the work involved. There had to be so much planning in addition to all the stitching -- by hand!. WOW. Thank you so much for sharing the photos -- I even love the kitty *s*

Screen Door said...

I'm jealous...I can't imagine all the things you learned. I love the pictures. And the people you must have met...quilt legends in my book...

anne bebbington said...

Wouldn't you just kick yourself if you'd worked to put that hexagon quilt altogether and you stood back and found an error - sorry my sad sense of humour - it is awesome though and I like doing hexagons!

Dawn said...

I"m so glad you had fun. I"m so jealous you got to go! But I'm still trying to remind myself that I get to go to Paducah again this year.

May Britt said...

Thanks for sharing your trip to Houston, I'll be back for more. I love your little blog mascot, the little mouse. She is so adorable. Is she handmade??

Anonymous said...

WOW Thanks for sharing.

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

I'm so glad that you had a wonderful time - thank you for taking us with you! :-)

The pictures are fabulous - thank you!

I'm excited - I'm going to Spring Market in Salt Lake City - WooHoo!

Finn said...

Hi Annie, the two quilts you chose to show us today are just fabbulous!
I agree, both inspired and humbled...not that i could ever do such complicated stuff.
I'm come to know that I'm pretty much a homemade soup and bread quilter...LOL
Like me, my quilts are geared to comfort and growing shabby chic..*VBS*
I applaude and admire the intense workmanship required of such efforts, but have NO desire to duplicate or compete with them..ya know?? Big Hugs, Finn

Tonya R said...

queen size? that is one heck of a big kitty. I sure wanted to go to Houston this year, but it just didn't work out. glad you got to go and have a great time.

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