Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm in a Funk

I haven't posted for a few days because nothing particularly "quilty" is happening. I feel like I'm in a quilting traffic jam!! I GO, then STOP, then GO, then STOP. It seems everyone else is merrily quilting along and I am at a standstill. Over the weekend I did do some quilting on the infamous Mystery Quilt from Hell, but still not finished (pic below shown sideways- still not too good with the posting of pics on blogger!!!) . I think I am going to give this one away. I just want it out of my life!!!

I started to cut the pieces for my jacket and realized that I didn't have enuf woven fabric so I pulled out the batik strips and started making some more. For those who are new to my blog, I am posting a pic of the fabric.

I have been hand quilting on a whole cloth that I started a couple of years ago and I have started knitting a hat for Alex which I promised him last year! But no significant progress is being made. I'm in the slow lane and everyone else is traveling EXPRESS! Oh well, enough whining, sighing, and gnashing of teeth!

My DS, Alex, stopped in on Thursday night ,without warning, (hence the shortage of quilting time) armed with several loads of laundry and an empty cooler. I spent Friday and Saturday morning doing laundry, cooking, and shopping with him. My DH, DS and I went out to dinner together on Friday night. The only way to have a conversation with DS in one spot for more than 5 minutes is to put copious amounts of food in front of him. It was so good to see him since we had not seen him since he left Aug. 30th for school. His courses are a mixed bag-philosophy (the meaning of life) and lift operations (how to set up a ski lift given a certain slope, # of seats, etc). Once we got him on his way back to Vermont, I realized, (actually my stomach muscles told me) that I had done a little too much lifting, etc. since my surgery and I spent Sunday on the couch with little ice packs on my tummy!! But I did catch up on my TIVo shows.

Well today is Thursday, and this weekend is around the corner!! My local guild is actually a chapter in the Greater Hartford Quilt Guild. We are having our annual meeting tomorrow. One chapter hosts the meeting and all the chapters can attend. There are classes available, two speakers, and of course, vendors and fabric and food. The speakers this year are Jude Patoka and Anita Shakelford. This should be a great time. I'll try to post pics this weekend. This is perfect timing for me since my DH is going to be painting the living room!! He is a great handyman but I try to be out and about when he is working since he tends to pull out every tool and gadget he owns in the process! It can be quite messy but he gets the job done!

Finally, next weekend I will be in HOUSTON for the quilt show. I am going during the vendor week with a friend who owns the LQS. We leave on Thursday and will be heading home on Monday. This will be a whirlwind weekend I'm sure!! We will be attending classes about running a shop as well as mini quilting classes. I am taking a fabric scrapbook class and a class on quilting as you go. Of course, we will be viewing the quilts. We have an invitation to the MODA party (black and white attire required!) and we will be going to the fashion show on Sunday night. I can't wait!!! and I will definitely bring back pics to share.

SEWWWW, I guess I am still in "quilt mode". I just don't have any real finished product to show! But I'll keep plugging away Because a day without quilting or at the very least, fabric fondling, is an incomplete day!!! QUILT TIL YOU WILT, LADIES!!


Screen Door said...

Balancing work, family, and quilting is definitely an art (I wonder if they have college classes on this???) I think the mystery quilt will be a delight for know'one person's pain is the healing for anothers...'
take care--

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Gosh, I don't think you are in a funk at all - I think you are doing a great job working on projects you've already started!!! Great job. How FUN to go to Houston - can't wait to hear all about it.



Anonymous said...

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Angie said...

Oh Annie, I swear it must be the weather!!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE, GIRLFRIEND!! LOL I've been in a rut, Finn's unmotivated, seems there were a couple of other bloggers that I ran across that are in the same, see, you are not alone!! LOL

Angie said...

Double dipping here, but I meant to say "lucky you" !! going to Quilt Festival...sounds like a WONDERFUL time, full of the sights and sounds and smells :) of quilting...have a blast and bring back loads of pictures.

Angie said...

Oh Annie, I swear it must be the weather!!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE, GIRLFRIEND!! LOL I've been in a rut, Finn's unmotivated, seems there were a couple of other bloggers that I ran across that are in the same, see, you are not alone!! LOL

Angie said...

Ach, blogger thought you needed to see my name SEVERAL times. LOL Sorry.

Finn said...

Hi Annie...I'm over here in slump valley myself...can't seem to find my way out of it..LOL
So glad that DS got home for a visit and food refill. I'm well acquainted with how that works!!
Glad you will be having a little get away. Should be alot of fun!! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Finn
p.s. I think the mystery quilt is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Ya know, a lot of mystery quilts are really screaming, "I was a mystery quilt." these days & I am not sure that taht is a good thing.

I have never done one as a true mystery.... Instead, if I like the conclusion, I do the quilt - I have one of those in my "to do" pile. It is a "value study" & I am so happy with my 4 part gradiation of purple!

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