Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Slow and steady

I have finally given in to my body and have put things in neutral. I am now in RELAX AND REST mode. After getting home from the hospital, I was hot fired to get back into gear. One afternoon of that followed by a total meltdown (crying uncontrollably because I couldn't find a little mirror!!) and I learned that I need to listen to my BODY, not my CRAZY HEAD!!

I am now recuperating and actually enjoying doing nothing!! We as moms, wives, workers, and the other many roles we have, do not take the opportunity to just sit back and do nothing!! It feels foreign, we feel anxious and guilty! But ladies, I highly recommend it when the chance arises. I spent an entire afternoon just sitting in the garden, looking at the flowers, feeling the breeze, just sitting and doing nothing. You start to hear and listen to the sound of the children playing in the next yard, the smell of flowers, the feel of the sun on your face. It is really rejuvenating.

Now I must thank publicly four people who have made this recuperation possible. First of all, my DH, Bob. He is the most caring, loving man! He has taken over the reins of running things here so that I don't have to think about anything else.

Second, my dear friend, Debbie. She is our guild president and a longarmer. Not only has she called me daily to check on me, but has passed the word to others. She arrived Sunday afternoon with enough casseroles and all the fixings for a small army!! All the directions were on the packages and all we have to do is defrost and heat! I know that all I have to do is call her and she will do whatever is needed or find someone who will!! I have only known her a few years but I don't know what I would do without her friendship,love,and support!

Third, my good friend, Diane. She owns our LQS. She stopped to visit yesterday with a casserole, dessert and a bottle of wine. DELICIOUS!! She has been through the same "experience" as I have and she is a wealth of knowledge! She has made going through this procedure a lot easier. Just knowing I can call her with questions gives me peace of mind.

Finally, my boss. I work for an attorney in a small office and have worked for him for 10 years. I know that having me out of the office for three weeks is a BIG DEAL! He has been super supportive and understanding. I am lucky to work for such a great guy!

And of course, thanks to all my blog ladies. Your warm wishes and good thoughts mean so much to me. I' m not doing any quilting but following your progress is a good substitute!!


Finn said...

Ah, seeet, sweet Annie...finally your brain caught up with your motor! The time to "just be" is such a great gift, and I am so happy to hear that you are embracing it. The race outside the window never goes away completely.It'll still be there..trust me!
Giving yourself time to heal, on many levels, is a treasure for you and your family.
I'm so very happy that you have the love and support of us great family and friends..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

Amy P The Calico Cat said...

So glad you are on the mend. (You're right, you have a great team!)

total meltdown (crying uncontrollably because I couldn't find a little mirror!!)

This sounds so familiar... (Except I was missing something else - no idea what, but...)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Enjoy your relaxing time - sometimes it is better medicine than anything the doctor could order! Take care of yourself! It sounds like you have lots of excellent support which is huge!



Patti said...

So glad you came to your senses and decided to listen to your body. Healing is hard work - it takes lots of energy. There will be plenty of time for "doing" after you are feeling much better. I'm so glad you have a great support system.

Fiona said...

The world is so fast paced today I think we all need to step aside sometimes, but especially if you are feeling below par anyway.

Nadine said...

I'm happy for you, Ann, and I'm sure you're getting better and better each day, with such a supportive team. Listening to our body is not always familiar to us...I think we were not raised that way. However, we should practice this once a day (even for a short moment), it enables to "let go", de-stress, feel peaceful, free and confident. Enjoy these moments at home as a gift and, above all : don't feel guilty ! You DESERVE these quiet moments.
I wish you plenty of them...
Cheers !

Libby said...

It is sometimes so difficult for us to let go and let others take care of us. But remember ... even meltdowns can be healing. They put us on the path to better understanding of the situation. Have someone bring you a nice stack of quilt magazines and your favorite beverage. Now you can inspire your mind while your body does the work of getting better.

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