Friday, June 17, 2011

Paint chip challenge - Rush Hour

 We had our guild's end of the year picnic on Tuesday and the paint chip challenges were revealed.  I had posted my paint chips and fabric in an earlier post and had shown you how much fun it was making the layered waves background. 

My entry is called RUSH HOUR.  I made the little fishies using texture magic to get that scrunchy look and then just cut them and stitched them on with a tiny zig-zag.

This was a top early Tuesday morning and was completed at 5:30 pm just an hour before the picnic. 

Talk about Flames to my fanny!  and I even added the label!!  I still have to add a hanging sleeve but it's done! 
Next year's challenge was given out. It's called Odd or Even - A Song in your Heart.
Choose a song and make a quilt. If you are an "even" quilter, it can be a traditional quilt. If you are an "odd", then your piece should be anything BUT a traditional quilt. 

Guess which one I am??

Monday, June 06, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I have been on a spring cleaning kick for the last couple of weekends.  It has been far too long since mi casa has been cleaned "old school", you know, how your mom and grandma did it back in the day when women stayed home and well, cleaned.  Last weekend, it was the upstairs, ceiling to floor, all the curtains down and washed, all the screens and windows washed, all the carpets beaten (well thoroughly vacuumed) and all the walls and woodwork washed.  Wheww!!

The last room was my sewing room which I thought about bypassing but then decided needed a good once over as well.
 Here's the BEFORE (yikes!!).....

and the AFTER.... Once I started, it turned into a total reorganization.  Things were moved around, fabric was piled up for donation, etc. etc.  The only thing not done was the closet which houses the STASH.  That is a whole separate project which shall be attended to in the very near future.  But, a tidy space is a space that you really want to work in and since the overhaul, I have been getting bits of this and that done which is great. 

The nice thing about this is now I know where everything is. I also have a pile of books, patterns and stuff that I'm ready to part with and I'm thinking about setting up a swap page for those who might be interested later in the month. Sewww, stay tuned.

You may remember that Debra sent me her practice piece from her longarm which I finally cut up and made into mastectomy pillows. They really came out nice! Thanks Debra for your generosity!!!

Work on the paint chip challenge continues.  The reveal date is June 14th so I need to get a move on! More on that later !

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